A Short Story by leo1129

Author: leo1129
Created: August 25, 2013 at 03:20 am
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Only God  

During a time that tommy had thought that he had gotten past his anger , of what his brother had done to him. He would soon find out that was not the case. That he anted to get back at his brother for taking away the one girl he loved. It was just some thing to see Tammy with his brother. He had thought that he must of loved Tammy very deeply or she had a spell over him of some sorts He knew that when he meet Tammy that Tommy knew that she was the one for him. Till Tommy`s brother came in the picture and took her away, Tommy had thought of killing his brother. He knew that this was not normal and that he would have to look for someone other than Tammy.

Kelly his best friend could see that Tommy was hurting, she had know Tommy most of her life. "You know that God will help you with what is going on with your brother. You know that you do not want to kill your brother, it is all over that one girl you do not want to go to jail over. Tommy knew that Kelly was right Tammy was not worth going to jail for. So he did what Kelly told him and gave it to God, he knew that God could help him with what was going on with him and his brother. It was something that gave Tommy some thing that he needed that was peace.

It is only by taking your problems to God, that we get that peace that we are looking for.

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Author Notes

Only God can help.

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August 25, 2013
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I really liked the message here and I think there was a good example to go with it. It shows that something big like wanting to kill someone can be put to peace. Just one thing, you need to put a few punctuation marks, mainly full stops in this. There are parts when you have a capital letter, which is good, but it just needs a full stop before it. Overall though, really nice message.

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