A Short Story by leo1129

Author: leo1129
Created: November 21, 2013 at 11:10 pm
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Now or nothing  

The town just did not have much felling for Tomas the son of the founder. Erin thought that they did not care that he was killed in his home, there had to be some reason for hat. Erin knew that she had to find out fast before the killer got away. There was the other thought that it could of been one of towns people. That there family did not want one of here family members to go to the big house. She would find out that there was no one in town that would rat on each other. Erin knew that she was a stranger and was looking to put one of there own away for a long time. She knew that all the answers had to be in the founders sons house. For there was no getting nothing out of these people, they did not trust Erin and she did not have the time to earn it.

The next day Erin went up to the house it was as one of those houses that you see in one of those horror movies. The gut feeling that she had was just to get out of there. To make something up that she did not find nothing and that was all. There was the side that was pushing her to go in and to see what she could find out. That was what she did it was something that she knew was crazy . Erin knew that she had to get to the bottom of the case and fast. There was a feeling that when she found out who it is that just might been gone. It was a risk that she had to take there was the answers that she was looking for in that house. She just did not know if there was something that should not see the light of day. Erin knew of the history of he father killing slaves, he would drink there blood thinking he would stay young. To Erin that did not have a reason behind it but the founder had his own set of beliefs.

The house seemed not to have been touched it seemed like it was stuck in the old times. There was not television or and thing that was of the past years, it was all old things. The one thing that caught her eye were the pictures they were all dressed in older cloths . Then she made her way to the study there she found the killer he was hanging from a beam. There was a note tell of a fight over a women and he knew that he should of never killed the son. Erin never thought that this case would ever end up like this, she was just glad that it was over so she could get out of the town.

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Author Notes

Women make you do things.

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November 22, 2013
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Well done
2nd line, ''reason for hat' should it be 'that?' In the 1st paragraph where you've used
there, it should be 'their' (if it is a word belonging to someone or thing etc)
2nd paragraph 'history of he father' should it be 'history of the father?'
Overall, its a good read, just a few typo errors. Also, some of the sentences need a break instead of continuing. I always find that by reading it out loud to yourself, you will know what I mean. It is overly quite a good piece. Keep on writing!

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