A Chapter by Mercedes12

Author: Mercedes12
Created: July 26, 2014 at 01:42 am
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Category: Humor | Romance | Weird
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I was sitting in my normal seat, next to Alexandra and behind Alice. God I hated it so damn much my was I chosen to sit here the world my never know. Miss.kelly announced their was a new student today, everyone was so curious on who it is ... But mostly if he/she is hot or not 😫.

Why is it always looks!? I mean I'm just a nerdy girl that's ugly as I'm called , I think personality is better then anything really . Looks die out but person alto is still gonna be their!!!
"Okay so our new classmate is outside please be nice to him" and after the word 'him' came out of her lips girls were cheering and making themselves look 'cute' the fuck...I looked around me and saw them puffing out their chest to have a bigger bust... Etto...ummm...are you fucking kidding me!? That's the most pathetic thing ever!!

"Okay everyone are you ready to meet your new classmate?~"sang miss.kelly , she opened the door and their he was a boy girls instantly drooled at . I rolled my eyes and started doodling in my note book. I felt a pair of eyes look at me and then I looked up and the new kids face was looking at me . Not Alexandra or Alice but me...why? He smiled "your very beautiful you know" he told me in the eye .... I was frozen all eyes were on me . I can feel girls glare at me in hatred . I felt a warmth creeping up my neck and looked at home "umm..." I said "are you talking to me?" I had to be 100% sure he nodded . All jaws were dropped "are you sure you weren't talking to Alexandra or Alice" I said pointing at them. He simply shook his head " no it's you I'm talking to you I can tell you have a beautiful head and face because you look like your all natural. No makeup or anything " he smiled sweetly , my face hearted up more and I looked away "is this one of those bets where your friends at your old school betted you to flirt with the ugliest girl you see?" I questioned . " no I really find you beautiful will all my heart " he told me ,
It took me a while to processes all this . When class was finally over I tried getting out as fast as I could but me being very unlucky the new kid took a hold of my arm "hey umm can you show me around the school?" He asked.

"Sure" I said simply with a sigh he was so happy...why? I don't get him at all, "so what's your name?" He asks me " Sofia" I said he smiled " that's a beautiful name suits you perfectly" he said . " what's your name" I blurted out feeling like a moron he told everyone in class but I wasn't paying attention "haha it's Zachary call me zac" he said " nah I'll just call you Zachary" I told him . I don't wanna seem like I wanna be his friend, he nodded " so umm this is my class room" I said as I stopes in front of the door "mine to" he said happily.what is going on here ?

To be continued....

© Mercedes12 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

It's made up and all mine . Some stupid thought that I turned into a story .mh grammar might be wrong and my punctuations but English isn't my first language so give me a break.

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Comments & Reviews

July 28, 2014
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Well Mercedes, considering your age and that English is not your primary language you have done pretty well. As you pointed out you could use a bit of punctuation. Your first paragraph needs to be fixed so it reads better. Aside from those things you have started a nice little story. My suggestion to you is to take your time and use lots of description and the other thing I would advise is to stay away from using fuck. It really does drive readers away even though there are times it will be appropriate. Readers really don't care for the rough swearing. I will look for your next installment.

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July 26, 2014
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Needs work
A couple spelling errors.
first line why not my
next there not their
after their you have was should be is
after that should be than not then
there are more like stopes should be stopped however I have got to go.
Quotes and direction should be in there own paragraph

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