A Poem by Valentine

Author: Valentine
Created: March 09, 2015 at 11:22 pm
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"Amongst The Thorns"  

     "Amongst The Thorns"



I seek your face amongst the thorns.
Not standing out, but cowering and forlorn.
Never to be the bud with the perfect face;
Nor picked to adorn with style and grace.


Yet...amongst the thorns, I seek your face.
Plain with hidden character, lost in place.
For on the inside...your  perfection starts;
Imperfect of buds ...with the warmest of hearts.


You stand there fading among faces galore.
I alone see your face...your eyes hit the floor.
Amidst the beauty... I select the plain...
Avoiding the thorns...I ask your name.


Your eyes slowly rise, to seek my face.
From them all...you seek a trace.
Of the contradiction of the "perfect" bud.
But t'was this face my heart did love.


I sought your face amongst life's thorns;
Found love in imperfection, a reason to be born.



© Valentine - all rights reserved

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March 09, 2015
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Great work Kathie
perception can change the world, and beauty resides in the ugliest states. It's the eye of the beholder, pure and simple. Well penned and expressed.

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