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Created: May 31, 2015 at 11:53 am
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A visit to the tea plantation  


A tea plantation is most beautiful place to visit,

To see the nature and its unique features.


A tea plantation is also known as tea garden,

Which looks like attractive breathing space.


A tea garden grows on flat hills

Of the mountain fertile land.


A tea plantation is nature’s huge place to sow

And reap all types and quality aroma tea.


A tea garden is rich source of resources,

Its productivity as the cash crop.


A tea plantation is place for green raw leaves,

Processed leaves and fresh flavoured tea.


A tea garden is tourist place for many visitors,

To get the fragrance of new tea.


A tea plantation can be a romantic space

For many newly wedded couples.


A tea garden gives facility to observe and experience

The raw tea leaf, it’s processing and fresh tea.


A tea garden can be a normal tourist spot

To journey for several tourists.



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Author Notes

Once I visited to a tea plantation near to Kodaikanal with my ex-husband Mr. David Gibson. Then, in those days we were newly married couple. It was our first marriage. My 1st and only matrimony. This poem is dedicated to my ex-husband. This poem is based on that observation and experience, which I seen and realized as a tourist. 


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May 31, 2015
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I felt your passion as you recanted those special feelings long ago when love was fresh and new like a brisk tea very nice poem I am going to google map Kodaikanal and see the spledour you speak of spotlight


This review is supportive and brilliant on the selected topic. God Bless you and thanks for this comment. Thank you emerystone for this remark.

 shar1968 replied on June 07, 2015

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