A Poem by DonaZeroZero

Author: DonaZeroZero
Created: July 30, 2016 at 02:39 pm
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Category: Political | Limerick | Humor
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The Nominee  


The Nominee


Let me introduce you to Donald Trump

At handling money, he’s not a frump

But with a bankruptcy he might rob you blind

He's just that kind

And then leave you in the dump


Now Trump is the presumptive nominee

He is loved by the RNC

They think he will bend

But he won't in the end

Unless they pay his big fee


Lil Trump went off to military school

His dad wanted to teach him the golden rule

But Donny was so bad

He was a troubled lad

He graduated but was still a fool


I wonder has Donald failed at life?

He's already on his third wife

He loves um and leaves um

Leaves um crying and grievin

 But he leaves um with a steak and a knife

Trump decided to produce his own wine

At his table for his  friends to dine

But like Trump it was sour

It spoiled in an hour

And tasted like bad turpentine

When Donald decided to run

So many thought OH! Such fun

They laughed, then they cried

And some almost died

Most were sorry it had even begun

Have you heard of D. T. U.

It's was triple A from Trumps point of view

But that education was denied

Then he said they all lied

Now old D. T. U. is being sued  


The Donald has visions of grandeur

You will see it this week as a conventioneer

With his whole family there

He might lie and he'll blare 

I pray there is no force majeure


Donald built a fancy Hotel

And the hotel did pretty well

But when Donald arrived

The employees sighed

Here he is again Oh Hell!


Las Vegas has a Trump Casino

And they hire a lot of Latino

But he doesn't pay well

They wished him in hell

Please go do business to Reno


Trump  thought he needed more money 

So he bottled up water and honey

The water was old

And the honey had mold

That made his profit real crummy 


Does Donald have any good traits?

We have seen how he lives and its first rate.

But that’s were the buck stops

Leaving us with the slops

We don’t deserve better he narrates


Have you played the Donald Trump game?

As a toy it’s really a shame

The sales were quiet

No one would buy it

On those shelves it will forever remain


Did Trump write “The Art of the Deal”?

Have you read it ? it’s not his spiel?

He must have had help

Doesn’t sound like his yelp

Will the author true author he ever   reveal?.


And then came  the Vietnam War?

Trump deferred with a minor foot sore

He said I won't fight

I'm rich, a white knight

Fighting is only for poor


Trump with all his financial wisdom

Has learned how to beat the system

He sues here and there

And he has a real flare

For racism bigotism and misogynism

I don’t like to hit a man when he’s down

But he’s running for president as a clown

He has tried and he’s failed

With most of his businesses he bailed

Just worried he'll have another melt down


This story of trump has to end

And this truth I tried not to bend

Still the nightmare will go on

Like a professional con

 His future damage we may never mend












© DonaZeroZero - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 8)

April 09, 2017
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And even though I'm not s Clinton supporter either I believe that you ate spot on with this and even his supporters will see in the end
This was hilarious but not funny if you know what I mean.
Thanks for sharing

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November 17, 2016
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Love it
Great job. A creative way to put the man into perspective. Thanks for the read, Victor

Thanks for the Read Victor. I will work my way thru your vast collection  '
Keep up speakin the TRUTH> 

 DonaZeroZero replied on November 18, 2016

August 01, 2016
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I very much enjoyed the rhyming and phrasing you used here. I'm sure Trump supporters on this site will disagree with what you say, but not me. I think both candidates are wretched, the worst pair of presidential nominees in my lifetime (in my opinion) and maybe in our country's history. I'm eighty-one years old, though, so I have little interest in who wins since it will have almost no effect on me. As for my grandchildren, though, I hope they can survive four years of whoever wins (which I'm fairly certain will be Clinton).

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July 31, 2016
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Funny Funny
LOL, I think you've authored a very funny satire. And you and me, myself and I, probably see "eye to eye." Although, I do not support any particular Party, but the one you’re roasting "I do believe" does not act or speak with a manner of philanthropy.

I laughed from the beginning of it to the end of it.

Very funny write! Indeed

Thank you kind sir  i shall return the favor.   just 1 comment a day  like this makes a  good   start to a  day. 

 DonaZeroZero replied on July 31, 2016

July 30, 2016
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You truly have an opinion but are in deep denial of actual facts. I won't go into detail because I'm sure we will never agree. The alternative to Trump is an aging deceitful lying criminal. Trump may have had 3 wives but they all care for him unlike that corrupt sham marriage of the Clintons. Hilda beast is the most cheated on woman in the world. The Clinton corruption goes back 4 decades. The Clintons never created one job where Trump has thousands on his payroll. Trump earns his money while the Clintons steal and scam cash from questionable sources. Trump has never sold 25% of our uranium to the Russians and resold to Iran. I could go on forever but--------

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