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Author: pnknucklez
Created: November 01, 2016 at 10:45 pm
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Do Not Disrespect  

A patriot must be ready,
To guard his country from its rule
To keep the vision going steady
And protect the chaste from the cruel. 

But demagogues are plentiful
When it comes to rationed ignorance
No statements led were credible
hey pushed an oppressive impetus.

War, a complex organ failure
The faulty off switch to the mind
A fracture of social rapport
the end where words no longer bind.

As The horns call and the drums beat
There’s one call to arms where I agree
We would rather die on our feet,
Than live our lives upon our knees
This world’s downfall has its story
It’s all irretrievably broken too
An inkling of vanished glory
razed by loathsome half –wits like you.

 Cowards die many times before death
The righteous are immortalized,
Not by their speeches or last breaths
But the goodness they’ve exemplified


--to CK 

Bow down…go ahead, bow down
Show those true colors that you wear
Abide by hypocrisy now
Follow those idols that do not care.
Show respect for horsemen of war
The ones draped in shot-pierced battle flags
The ones who now will sleep evermore
Bathed in light, with stacked arms and tags

But you go ahead and you bow down
I will be embracing surrender
The moment we stopped caring and drowned—
in the seas of ersatz defenders,--
Of those fighting on wrong platforms
Mocking unwavering valor
Spitting on graves just to conform,
appeasing to ignorant clamor.

I revoke your meager petition,
And request that you be withdrawn
From the league, the culture, the mission
Return your citizen’s card and be on.


© pnknucklez - all rights reserved

Author Notes

You may disagree and I would love to hear your side of it. But, I found a few weeks ago what Colin Kaepernick did was truly disrespectful. So I had to write something about it. Again if you disagree, then by all means let me know.  Sorry for the Rant.

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November 03, 2016
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I didn't know what colin k did, so I read about it and came to know that he didn't stand up during national anthem..well, I dont know if that is tge incident you have written about..but if it is so, I would certainly take your side..I don't think it was an appropriate method to show protest..4 the and 6th verse would be my favorite..thank you for sharing. SL

He protested police brutality using the American flag. The to have nothing to do with each other. To me the flag symbolizes the freedom and or the ability to protest  the people that fought for those freedoms are represented by that flag . Plus like you said completely wrong platform to have a protest. Thank you so much for reading this my dear friend.~Paul

 pnknucklez replied on November 03, 2016

November 02, 2016
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"We would rather die on our feet, than live our lives upon our knees." Your feelings are very vivid here, as you also echo mine. Not being a "reader" of the new(s), I am not aware of what Colin K, did. However, I am more and more aware of how single warts upon the sanctity of this country are defacing it. (one D.T. for example). Very visibly written, in the "vernacular," for those of any belief to hear. Extremely well written, my friend. SL. Donald!

Thank you so much Donald mr.Kaepernick decided to bow down during the national anthem and protest police brutality through his blatant disregard for the American flag wrong platform. There were way better ways to protest the police problems, other basketball players went to local police departments to talk with the cops about the police brutality issues. This clown decided to disrespect a national symbol one that gave him the right to protest in the first place. Thank you so much for reading my friend. Much appreciation.~Paul

 pnknucklez replied on November 03, 2016

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