A Short Story by Pankti

Author: Pankti
Created: December 02, 2016 at 12:37 pm
Upload Type: Short Story, M (16+)  
Category: Fantasy | Inspirational | Philosophy
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Stand out, Heroine star!

There’s enough of this arrogance from the moon. The stars have accepted enough defeat against this dominance.

There used to be a time when the stars thought they had no share; that the moon was the only thing visible and therefore the most powerful among them all; that they could never radiate any light of their own: but tonight something different happened.

Something shimmering appeared just beside the moon in grace, beauty and pride. Everyone thought it must be a planet which will fade as soon as the dark night takes over the sky. Time passed and darkness arrived, but everyone was gasping at the scintillating persistence of that heavenly creature. It still shone with the same brightness and it was standing right beside the scornful moon with all courage. This heavenly creature was not afraid to fade in the glitter of the moon, shining by an unmatchable light of passion and raw self-love. This distinct performance traced back to the past of its legend…

While the others were busy complaining and cribbing about how much far off they are to show the humans what fire they hold within them, this Heroine star brightened itself to an extent that no million light year distance could dim the Energy it was born with. She kept fighting alone in the never visited wilderness as she resided in a forest that no star dared to wend. She didn’t know of idols, she only had ideas and ideals. She didn’t have people, so she befriended principles. When everyone was struggling to look like others to not be the odd one out, she made sure she never falls in the trap of mirroring anyone. When people feared failure, she was involved deeply in believing that she only knew to win. Everyone kept busy in outer appearances while she day and night worked on polishing her skills. Everyone thought she, in the addiction of her overrated Self will fail and die the moment she will enter the real world; while she was busy making impeccable plans for her journey in the infinite sky.

As is always said, people keep talking and Creators keep creating endlessly. She finally reached the age of exploring and setting a position in the sky. And then this night that we were talking all along came. Her perseverance paid, her self-love got her the victory she desired. The moon tried knocking her down, and upon failing after centuries of light years, it gave up and faded in the same dark night it used to rule once upon a time!

The Heroine star tells all the stars shining too bright or not-so-bright in the world of streetlights, torches and candles: Dare to shine, dare to stand out. Don’t worry about other stars, keep working on how bright you can make yourself for the infinite sky, because remember: a despaired soul will gaze at the dark sky, look at the shimmering You, and attain the hope that courage will win it all!

© Pankti - all rights reserved

Author Notes

It is my belief that a life without courage, passion and self love is like being born a star, and shining so dim that we fade in the dark night! Hope the readers like this one.

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