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Past journey in life

Hi Kyle,


I really do apologize for the experience you had with us last week. All paper work regarding the transaction discussed has been voided and shredded and will not be used for any purposes without your knowledge and acceptance. The transaction for your gold purchase was never processed through our system as completed and will not reflect on any documentation for the IRS. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if there's any other information regarding this.


Thank you,


Julie Zirkle

Your friend in the diamond business. ®

Customer Service Associate


18833 28th Avenue West

Lynnwood, WA 98036

Phone: (425) 774-8400

Fax: (425) 774-8711

Online at ShaneCo.com

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Largest Selection of Bridal and Fashion Jewelry
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60-day Refund or Exchange Guarantee

From: Shane Co. [mailto:EStoreMessenger@ShaneCo.com] 
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 2:46 PM
To: Webletters
Subject: Shane Co.com Email To Tom Shane


Yesterday 1/19/2013 at or about 1200 pm I Kyle Miller and a friend of mine visited your Lynnwood Shane Co. As entered your Respectable branch of operations I was promptly greeted by Jositua Saiml. I stated to him that I heard on the radio that Tom Shane is offering to by precious metals. without the mettle man so I could get top dollars for my presses metals. With a big smile, graceful hand shake and an exchange of names he said follow me. As we were seated in the appraisal section of out fit we got offerings of water witch I gladly excepted. Then after a few minutes while your employee finished up with a previous costumer. We got right down to the apparel of 1. A small 10 karat gold diamond ring. Date of perches 2/14/2003 Westfield Jewelry $ 278. 2. Platinum engagement DOP 3/26/05 $1999. 3. .45 Karat IGI certified Trillian diamond DOP 3/26/05 $1500. 4. Platinum wedding band DOP 9/18/05 $ 779. all purchased from Jared of Tacoma WA. with receipts in my name that I have obtain for record purposes. The Trillian diamond witch I hade removed a few weeks back at Jared for IGI inspection and verification reason's. After a quick glance he declined so I smiled and said “Tom did say on the radio he is purchasing precious metals gems under a .50 karat was not spoken of in the ad”. after a quick laugh he inspected the small 10 karat gold ring and asked if he could take it to his lab for further annalists. I replied of course you work in a state of the art facility. My expectations are for you to validate the authenticity of my offer. Promptly he returned set the 10 karat gold on the scale. after calculating his formula on the computer he turns the screen and points to his offer of $117. Little did he know that a hour earlier Belleview rare coins inc made me the offer of $30. You’ve got a deal rolled off my lips. A felling of confidence in the voice of a man that strongly denotes mittle man mark ups and always passes those savings on. Then sorry was his reply to my acceptance of the offer. “ The scale was on karat” Well to me we are all human’s mistakes are just apart of life. So when the next offer of $17 was presented. I graciously declined. The conjoined bridal set was the only peace that held potential value. My confidence and trust in the voice I herd 2-3 times daily for ten years on my commute to and work. Well with a false since of trust your voice of advertisement. Your wittingly employee offered me $1582.40. Two hours prier Belleview rare coins inc made me an offer of $603 with the Trillian diamond. My acceptance was enriched with trust and respect do to the personal witness of the mittle man not receiving a dollar that he did not earn to begin with. You guessed it the paper work began to be filled. Jositua Smial began Filling a City of Lynnwood police department Pawnshop/second hand dealer form. He asked if that was ok. This did not worry me a bit I have all receipts. Your employee personal hand writing is located in block’s business name, Employee name, Transaction number,total amount, location stored, deception of property obtained. ( I did obtain this report for my record's with the transaction number 13A0FVE Total amount Payed $1582.40 and Mr. Jositua personal hand writing. ) I completed the rest and gave thumb print in ink presented my drivers license your employee said I need copy’s for recorder's. When employee returned with three individual bills of sale. All with pay amount of $1582.40 to Kyle Miller. Original signature located underneath all my personal information. Mr. Jositua assured me that I will be only receiving one $1582.40. the others are just for records. As a business man myself with some knowledge of law. I could not legality question your operational procedures for documentation do to the fact of a payment of $1582.40 I was lead to believe I was receiving for the precious metals your organization was purchasing from me. After three original individual signed bills of payment to I Kyle Miller received. Mr. jositua said lets get you a check. We know were led to the part of your establishment where your fine jewelry technician can be monitored doing their job. Directly across a large one way mirror behind a seemingly administrative portion of your building. A lady with administrative rights received 3 bills of parches for $1582.40. This administrator began to fill out what was seminally a check. When jositua picked up the precious metals That I formally sign three separate bills of receipt of pay mint for one payment 1582.40. Then your administrative personal went to door requiring a key card for entry that she presented granting her access to the room with the one way mirror surrounding this sensitive portion of your establishment. A short bit later Mr. Jositua made his final appearance with some unfortunate news. The door to the secure office opened with the same administrator walking up to the front desk I made a mistake again I weighed your precious metal in karat. So my new offer is know $200. At this point all documentation with my personal identifying information was obtained signature’s are know knoll and void. The procession of the precious metals was returned to me. I stated To your administrative personal that I want my personal identifying information you posses unlawfully . administration under your command Stated to I Kyle Miller and my witness “Don’t’ worry Mr. Miller we will shred it later.” So I am going to do what a man with a day to day job can really only do. Send in digitally signed e-mail in his own words describing his and hers witness of unlawful misconduct of Personal Identifying Information with fraudulent intentions. Make sure the owner receives the notification. I hope to here back that this has just been a big misunderstanding and My personal identifying information will never fraudulently be held against me by your origination or the IRS for three $1582.40 Charges me and my witness watched unfold be for our very eyes. If no contact is made to me after sometime. a legal memorandum of these account of actions. Will be sent to the BBB. 

Additional Information:
Sender's Email: kmiller@hctc.com

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