A Poem by Valentine

Author: Valentine
Created: January 31, 2017 at 02:23 pm
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He Is  

                "He Is"

Mighty trees tremble in the wind;

Merely from...the breath of Him.

Thunder roars, and lightning crashes;

Every time...He walks and passes.


Sunlight hides, behind the clouds;

When clouds roll, and He is loud.

Angels sit, upon the clouds and weep,

Knowing the eternal...vigil He keeps.


All throughout...the galaxies...

They hear the steps, and know it's He.

Every element watches as He does pace;

Pondering...His creation...the human race.


Often the moon...will hide its face;

For the shame...He wishes erased.

Stars twinkle...then fail to shine;

When He says, 'the world is blind.'


Trees tremble in the roaring wind,

Simply from...the breath... of Him.

Angels sit daily...pondering and weep;

Wondering..." is this a hopeless vigil He keeps."


Every part of the galaxies, watch as He does pace,

Wondering what to do, with the human race?



© Valentine - all rights reserved

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March 27, 2017
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Ah . . .
Ahhh . . . "Wondering what to do," indeed . . . Nice write. Spotlight!

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