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Majestic Dreamers Ch 12: Dragon Hide Fated...

“………….What the heck kind of stupid joke is this?!” I roared to Darak’s face.
I was risking at least two hundred bones if I ended up offending him but he laughed cheerfully.
“I thought you were…we were a Guild Of Thieves!” I screamed in horror.
“That ignorance was excusable since I found you guys when we were just kids. The old leader of the guild was sure to pass on that knowledge to me before he moved on; bless his soul. Point of correction; you were thieves when I found you. Who was it that thought you had the talent to join the guild?” Darak asked.
“You?” Reis asked.
“And what particular skillset do you think made you talented enough to join the guild?” Darak asked.
“Thievery?” I said with an eyebrow raised.
“Your agility; your ability to get into places the average person could not even find and your keen observation skills. These are the perfect traits of a Treasure Guardian” Darak said.
“All our heists?” I asked suspiciously.
“Who do you think posts the requests?” Darak said with a raised eyebrow.
“My goodness, the last twelve years of my life has been a lie” I said with a shocked expression on my face.
“I think the question we’ve really been meaning to ask is…” Reis was saying when I interrupted him.
“Are you really the leader of the guild? Are you for reals?” I quickly interrupted him.
“I really am the leader of the guild” Darak assured me.
“What is a Treasure Guardian?” Reis asked.
“It is quite similar to a Treasure Hunter and in some ways quite similar to a Thief. There is one huge difference though between a Treasure Guardian and any of the aforementioned. We protect the secrets of the Treasures of Fate and at the same time, we regulate the discovery of the Treasures of Fate. Do you realize what would happen if everyone started discovering Treasures of Fate left and right?” Darak asked.
“I see; a lot of them would fall into the hands of those who would use them to cause chaos” Reis said.
“However, the Treasures of Fate in themselves are a check against most of these possible outbreaks of chaos in that they choose who wields them and who doesn’t. We observe the entire process and ensure that those who are not chosen part with the Treasures of Fate quickly enough before they start other troublesome ventures” Darak said.
“Troublesome ventures like what?” Reis asked suspiciously.
“The fact that they were not chosen does not mean that Treasures Of Fate are any less rare or any less expensive. Wait long enough and there is someone who would be willing to buy them at any price” Darak said.
“I see” Reis said.
“I don’t get it” I muttered in boredom. “So what’s the point?” I asked.
“We focus on the most dangerous probabilities…like say imagine a monster or an evil mage decided to purchase a Treasure Of Fate?” Darak said. “Our job is to ensure the object never reaches its destination in such cases” he added.
“I see, I finally get it. Steal a Treasure Of Fate before it falls into the wrong hands. You should have just said it like that Darak. Why can’t you ever be straightforward?” I said as I placed an arm around Darak’s shoulders.
He brushed my arm off quickly.
“I’m not nice enough to be buddy buddy with you. At least…not yet” Darak said.
We looked at each other. Our eyes were gleaming with joy. In his own misguided way, our guild master had finally admitted that he respected us.

Meanwhile, in the Castle Of Saggeese, the princesses had informed the king about everything that recently happened to them including our recent exploits. The king thought deeply. He understood what we had done for the kingdom in hindsight.
“And you’re sure they didn’t plan all this?” he asked the princesses.
“They sounded sure of themselves but it didn’t seem to me like everything that has happened so far was premeditated. They’re the kind to just dive right into danger and solve things as they progress” Ayumi said to her father.
“Could this also be fate?” the king thought deeply.
“Is anything the matter father?” Aurora asked worriedly.
“For thieves those boys have the courage of knights however regardless of what they think the fact of the matter is that the Twin Saggeesian Sabres and the Pyrogeysers were in the custody of Tyron and they are the legal property of Tyron. Tyron has the legal right to reclaim them” the king said.
“B-But Father, they’re bonded with us. That would mean to reclaim the Treasures Of Fate, they’d need to reclaim us…as though we were their property!” Aurora said as she felt a slight wave of terror.
Ayumi was furious when she realized this possibility the king spoke of.
“For now, we’d have to negotiate with Tyron. In the best case scenario we could both guarantee our needs without resorting to violence. In the worst case scenario…we best be embracing ourselves for a war” the king said.
The princesses were shocked.

That night, the princesses sat on the balcony talking about everything that had happened so far.
“Do you really think this could come to a war?” Ayumi asked.
“That depends on how far Tyron is willing to go to further their goals” Aurora said.
“In my opinion, Tyron has no reason to lay claim to the Twin Saggeesian Sabres and Pyrogeysers. It is a well-known fact that they are royal heirlooms of Saggeese” Ayumi said.
“And there is one more reason. Remember what Omega said?” Aurora reminded Ayumi.
“I swore my fealty to Reis Dragonhaӓrt of Ryugaeia…not…to Saggeese” the princesses recalled Omega’s words.
“If what Omega said is true for all the Treasures Of Fate then we’ve been wrong about the Treasures for centuries. They are not national Tools Of War. They are sentient and they are only loyal to whomever they choose to be loyal to; they bond with whomever they choose. This also means that a Treasure Of Fate in our vaults with no one to bond to is practically a dead weapon. It would be useless. It wouldn’t necessarily fight for us because we want it to. Armies could have invaded Saggeese and all Omega would have done is watch them” Ayumi said.
“You could also say in hindsight, what protected us from most of those wars were Omega and the Nightbane’s reputation…or you could say…their identity. Their very existence and their being in Saggeese served as a deterrent to any external force that would attempt to pick a fight with Saggeese. At the same time, they helped keep our citizens in check. What is most amazing is that they didn’t have to do a thing” Aurora said amazed at the sudden realization; this new lesson that Omega had taught her.

Meanwhile, back at the guild.
“Darak you sly devil you. Don’t tell me you planned all this. Even our bonding with the National Treasures Of Fate” I said as I threw a playful punch towards me.
He caught it.
“Nope, that was all you. I was quite amused to watch it all play out. I guess the blood of a Treasure Guardian lies in your veins” Darak said with a laugh.
“Why don’t I believe you” Reis said with a suspicious grin.
“Hey Darak, have you heard of this being called Amӓgfӓhr? He’s the one that kidnapped the princesses. He sort of acts like the hero of the common if the stories I heard were true” I said with a laugh.
At the mention of Amӓgfӓhr’s name, Darak’s features tensed and his face assumed a serious glare.
“No Zan, Amӓgfӓhr is no hero. The Royals have that one thing about him right. Amӓgfӓhr has tried to plunge the balance of Zangaiea into chaos many times however the will of Zangaeia fights him off every time. If Zangaeia comes out better every time Amӓgfӓhr makes a move, it’s not because of Amӓgfӓhr’s schemes but rather because of the will of Zangaeia; the collective will of its citizens and the force known as ‘The Majestic Dreamers Of The Wonderful Dawn’.
“I’ve been meaning to ask Darak but you never told us what the ‘Majestic Dreamers Of The Wonderful Dawn’ actually are” Reis asked him.
“They are the subjects of a hero king who once walked this world. Even as we speak right now, they say he watches over the world. He is distant to this world but closer to it than any other force and whenever the world is threatened, he summons forth a force from the world he himself comes from to protect it. This force is what we know as ‘The Majestic Dreamers Of The Wonderful Dawn’ and it is a force that endures. The force ‘written in the name of Love’.
“So what do we do now?” Darak asked.
“Amӓgfӓhr is a fused force of two great evils from two different worlds. He will definitely seek out the Kommeno Syndesmo to unbind himself and then he will be truly powerful enough to plunge Zangaeia into chaos” Darak said.
“What is the Kommeno Syndesmo?” I asked ignorantly.
“A special sword that unbinds forces of a polar opposite nature. We must get to it first so if you ask what we’re going to do now…” Darak said as he removed his Pyromancers and made two holes in the roof.
Large rock sized holes.
“Aw man! You did that on purpose Darak! You know we don’t have money to waste on trivial repairs!” the guild members complained.
“Heheh…I’m gonna kick some experience into your bodies like there’s no tomorrow” Darak said with a sinister laugh as his hair flamed and his eyes glowed a sinister crimson.

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