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Author: annalame
Created: February 22, 2017 at 07:11 pm
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Category: Sad | Dark | Personal
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I'm Tired  

I'm tired of fighting
I'm tired of strife
I'm tired of hoping 
I'm tired of life
Nothing will change
It's all status quo
This is my life
No where to go
The knife blade goes deeper
The heartache rings true
The tears flow so freely
Unsure what to do
No one to notice
If I'm not there
No one to mourn me
No one to care
The emptiness I feel
So deep inside
I can't seem to fight it
I just want to hide
A burden to all
Who have been in my life
Through heartache and tears
Causing nothing but strife
The world's better off
Without me in the way
Why keep on fighting
For another day
The words I love you
Are so often said
But what do they mean
Is it all in their head
Do they really love me
Can they really see
All the heartache it's causing
To hide the true me
I wear my mask firmly
It stays on my face
The real me in hiding
Is such a disgrace
I'm tired of fighting
I'm tired of strife
I'm tired of hiding
I'm tired of life.

© annalame - all rights reserved

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February 08, 2018
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The pain we suffer is ..
..made esier if the 'mindset' is changed. Mentally it is conquerable, if we take ourselves to that higher level of endurance and tell ourselves that it is only transitory and that there is that 'saviour' that being, who is able to work miracles and take you out of the quagmire/out of the depths of despair. The mind is a powerful creation.

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February 23, 2017
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A "burden"...NEVER; the words "I love you"...sincere and heartfelt; there are those who "care" and those who would "mourn" deeply...count me among them...please know that you are never along in this struggle...YOU ARE LOVEABLE, LOVELY and LOVED...HUGS...Love Me

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February 22, 2017
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I liked the spare, terse presentation of this poem, but the message is sobering. The speaker is saying things I have heard depressed people say many times, sometimes as a prelude to self destructive acts. The tone is one of weariness; weariness at the struggle of life, the frustration, the sense that no one cares. There is a feeling of inner emptiness that cannot be filled and also of being a burden to others. The speaker sums it up in the end with "I'm tired of life." People who speak this way have often been detained for their own protection, for suicidal feelings are written all over this work. This is good work, but it is also frightening, and I hope it's not autobiographical.

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February 22, 2017
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Yes and I'm not...
only depressed myself and very tired but I'm also fighting an incredible bout of flu. So I just put my reply to this poem at the bottom of your next poem. That changes little though! This is an incredible poem of pain and depression and as it is said to be personal I hope you find the help you need! Now I will go and better read your other poem. And duh!


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February 22, 2017
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Not a nice place to be in when you feel down and depressed. Your poem is very well written and very rhythmic, despite its sad content. I hope you get to have good in your life.

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