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Author: Silverblue
Created: February 27, 2017 at 01:01 pm
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Top Of The Tree (That's Tricky)  

Don't we all want to be better?
To sit at the top of the tree
We can only exist in our own limitations
No-one is perfect you see

Learning is part of the process
We can better ourselves in some ways
But some have a knack, a gift if you will
Their words shine on through in the haze

It's not to be haughty, or righteous
For those things hold little appeal
Varying poems, and differing odes
It's a platform to say what we feel

Not all can be equal in writing
Some have a way with the prose
I don't see the need to be scornful
But there are average works I suppose

And I guess it all comes to opinion
Yes some they are great, that's for sure
They ooze of a substance that's certainly worthy
To a reader that's hearty and pure

At the end of the day, if it's what you enjoy
Carry on, and just learn as you write
No, maybe it wont win an Oscar or prize
And it may not be deemed a delight

But no-one can find the perfection they crave
Time after time after time
Well there could be exceptions, and fair play to them
When they set down their thoughts and their rhyme

Here's to tomorrow, but also the past
The good stuff that's here day by day
We can't all be wonderful, but we'll give this a shot
As we put our own words on display.

© Silverblue - all rights reserved

Author Notes

We cant all aspire to be as great as writers of the past, but no two writers are exactly the same. I don't think people should be discouraged from writing, but encouraged to learn and improve. I'm not going to pretend that every piece (including my own) is brilliant, because of course that isn't true, but we are what we are, and can only write within our own capacities. I see what a few people mean about the star rating thing, and this is maybe something I need to look at myself. I don't tend to rate many pieces lower than 4 because I never really consider it the most important aspect, but I guess it could be seen as important of course. I would rather tell someone why I didn't like a piece, but I don't tend to rate or review pieces I don't like nearly as much. I wouldn't like to mark a poem down because of the odd spelling mistake, but I can also see that some may view this as sloppy because of things like spell-checker and the fact we can look through our own work afterwards. Everyone is different on their views on such things, and I don't like it to get to nit-picking etc. I hope this site is more positive than negative - not with false praise, as I don't agree with that either, but a balance where people can accept constructive criticism and learn as they go, and even if they write one very good piece out of 5 or even 10, then that's to be admired. Ranting a bit now, so I'll hush, as its not like me to yap, I'm usually quite contained. Anyways - by and large, this is a good site that I've enjoyed over the years, and it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for some good fair minded reviewers and writers. So thanks to all that have supported this site over the years - I haven't been here through all of it. but much of it, and it's been decent up to now - Hopefully that can continue. 

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March 22, 2017
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one day I thought to myself that I need an on line locker for all of my writings so I found writers network not knowing what it is or how it works...so I put a few pieces on and somebody wrote a review! somebody actually saw what I wrote!! from there I just kept writing and finding inspiration for everything!! writing down everything I know about things and submitting them! and lots of poems came out of the wood work and I got to save them all! and I don't have a clutter box of poems in my room anymore cause I put them all on here! of course you can only submit 5 a day...I got them all on there because I put 5 on a day...redundant much? now I'm soo happy cause I can just start writing on this site and its here forever
(who is currently dead)

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