A Poem by Profanisaurus

Author: Profanisaurus
Created: February 27, 2017 at 02:08 pm
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Sonia loves to drive to work in her new silver bmw

racing through the streets with ease

singing along to the blaring music from her car radio

hoping to block out the stress


Paul has to walk or take a bus 

taking his time along the beach

hearing only the cries of the gulls 

and the relaxing sound of the waves 


She is an executive in an office

earning more money than she can count

he works as an office manager

but the boss doesn't pay as well as he should 


Her wardrobe is stocked with the latest fashions

everything has to look like it is the best

he doesn't have much in the way of clothes

but he still looks good when he goes out 


Sonia doesn't have many people she can call friends

and doesn't get invited out very often

Paul goes out every weekend with his buddies

every time is somewhere new and exciting 


We can view their lives as not the same

but there is a similarity between them

in different ways they are rather poor

but in others they are both very rich 



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April 14, 2017
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This is an excellent point, and it makes me wonder, which way is it better to be rich in? I liked how showed both sides of these people, in their richness and their poorness, it was great poem to read.

Thanks for your comment.  Personally I would say that a balance of both would be ideal. 

 Profanisaurus replied on May 22, 2017

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