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Created: February 27, 2017 at 03:16 pm
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574. The Well Of Sacrifice

It was known as The well of sacrifice 

located in a clearing in the middle forest

surrounded by grass and ferns 

greatly revered by the local tribe 

although no temple has ever been built around it


Inside the demonic creature lived 

feasting on human flesh and bones

every full moon the locals offered new victim

in order for their village to be left in peace


The flaming torch bearing priest is nervous tonight

sweat shining his bald head and soaking his red robes

jumping at every cracking twig and rustling leaf

the drugged stranger walks calmly next to him

whistling a happy tune of his childhood 

seemingly oblivious to his fate


They reach the well just as the drugs are wearing off

the victim approaches the pit in a stupor 

appearing not to notice the stench of death and decay

that emanate from the surroundings 


He looks down hearing scratching at the stones

has just enough time to draw breath

before it is knocked out of him by an unseen claw

a tentacle wraps round his neck pulls him in 

dragging him down to the depths


The priest turns and flees the scene

terrified that he would get attacked 

the sacrificial victim's screams are the only things that follow him 

as they echo through the night air 







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