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Created: March 01, 2017 at 06:32 pm
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You can make college a learning experience

A night of fun and drinking on the very first night of college turned to be a worst nightmare of this student when he realised that drinking heavily on a school night was not a good ideas. It did not end on struggling to walk and locating their residence it got worse in the early hours of morning when everything started spinning and when he felt the urge to vomit all over the place. It hit him that drinking on a school night was not one of the goals he set to achieve, achieving good grades and being a good student with good values was what he wanted to see himself as, he went on to realise that every choice comes with a responsibility and if you can’t take responsibility then you are not yet ready for University life or life in general.

Learning is a personal choice one makes and no one can force another to do it .It comes with hard work, persistence and resilience. The first step to success is to make an effort no matter how intelligent you are. Success only comes when the hard work and effort are put into studies. Students need to dedicate time and devise strategies for learning in order to excel. Academics need to made first priority as they are the main reason of going to college.

Students should explore all fields of interest and not put money as first priority to choosing a career. Passion and interest will guarantee success as the love for the self-chosen subjects will prevail and in turn will keep the student focused on the end goal. One should use trial and error to figure out how they best function and maximise their capabilities. College brings an enormous amount of freedom, a magnitude of demands and a complex social climate which are not easy to manage. It has been found that students seek degrees for social and economic mobility, intellectual stimulation and to enjoy extracurricular activity that is offered at College or University.

Hard work is essential as there is no degree that does not correlate with hard work. Preparation, class attendance, studying, reading and learning on a consistent basis are vital. Knowledge and critical thinking which are taught at Higher Institutions are what make successful individuals in the real world.

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