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Created: March 01, 2017 at 06:38 pm
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Ability Task

This Ability Task will discuss the requirements of academic writing to inform prospective first years on this important requirement of university learning. Reading is essential in University learning as this is the only way to transfer information from textbooks to the Students mind. Skimming and Scanning are important tools that may be used to better enable the reader to shorten long texts. It is critical to understand the language of instruction and to have the basic capacity in order to later have a background to enable writing. “Reading is a central activity of University learning” for students (Levy & Treacy, 2015, p. 57). “A lack of initial analytical reading skills can inhibit their academic transition” (in Nel & Nel, 2009, p. 127)

Attending lectures and tutorials is key as this is where the information gets explained better. ”While there are perceptions that University teaching has significantly changed with the adaptation of new technologies, in reality lectures remain the primary mode of University teaching and learning” (in Kelly 2012).  In the lecture there is a passive atmosphere while tutorials provide a more interactive environment. These are great tools for Assignment and Assessment writing as there is a vast amount of information shared that may be useful to write those pieces of writing.  

“Independent learning has been described as sharing intellectual control with students” (in Kantanis, 2000 p. 109). “This implies that lecturers and tutors are willing to engage in student-centred approaches, are prepared to share intellectual control with their students, and that University structures enable this to occur” (Levy & Treacy, 2015, p. 47). It is also important to understand that with technological advances, the classroom has gone online as well. We find group discussions and forums on the University web page that help enable students better understand the course content because it is shared among peers. This is helpful for Assignments and Assessments as well as students pick up notes and ideas that they may have missed. Detailed note taking enables students express and interpret ideas and to prepare for exams and essays (Levy & Treacy, 2015, p. 60).

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