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Majestic Dreamers Ch 13: Darak of the Pyromancers


Darak stared at Reis and I for a while as if debating about whether it was too early to reveal the secrets of the guild to us or not. Finally he sighed deeply;

“Follow me” he said as he walked towards his office.

We followed close behind but very carefully after all, we had been in the guild long enough to see far too many people fly out his office whenever he was peeved.

In his office was a desk and below the desk was a carpet. We noticed that the carpet in his office was almost a replica of the one in the office of the Guild Master of the Thieves Guild in Tyron. It was an oval carpet, quite small. Surrounding the outer edge of the carpet was a weave of spirals without beginning or end. The inner weaving of the carpet had a weave of numerous dots and finally at the centre was a pattern that was unrecognizable but surrounded by a weave that resembled four flowers. Surrounding these small flowers was a weave of more spirals and circular lines.

“There’s more to this carpet isn’t there?” Reis asked.

“What do you mean?” Darak asked him.

“My gut tells me so. Especially since I’ve seen this weave in more than one place” Reis said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Perhaps they come from the same weaver Darak said with a mischievous smirk.

Darak pushed his desk aside and rolled the carpet aside. Underneath the carpet was a trap door.

“You have one too?!” I exclaimed in shock.

“Who do you think invented this system of movement and communication? A nifty tool for guild meetings don’t you think?” Darak asked.

By this time, we had begun to realize the scale of the Dragon Hide Fated Treasure Guardians Guild. If this system was replicated in multiple kingdoms; it was almost like having a kingdom within a kingdom. The scale would be too huge. It also explained why Darak was so highly respected despite his poverty. And if the guild was what Darak claimed it was; it was also finally understandable how Darak could be so broke yet so influential at the same time.

Reis and I made sure to observe all this. Darak pulled open the trap door and we noticed a flight of stairs descending deep into the Guild Building. We followed him down the stairs into a large hall beneath the guild. This hall had twelve gates. We knew what these gates were.

“We are passing through the twelfth gate. There I will give you a special lesson and then commence your combat training” Darak said.

“Combat training? Did this crazy guild master just say he would be taking us through combat training?!” I exclaimed in horror.

Darak shot me a look that I knew meant, “Watch your words! After all, I am still this guild’s master!”

I almost cowered in fear. Then he laughed like nothing had just happened. The way he could instantly switch his mood was even scarier.

We walked past the twelfth gate into a secret field that was growing underneath the guild. How the plants survived without sunlight even I did not know but it was well watered and had all the needs plants could possibly have. It was also well lighted with an intense bright light.

“What’s that intense light?” I asked as I shielded my eyes.

“It’s a mechanism rebuilt from plans left by a hero called Michael from Kolmnid. The device is codenamed ‘limelight’. It’s a device made from a gigantic refractive lens surrounded by million tiny lenses and it has the power to expand rays of light while sifting out heat. A nifty tool for smoking out ninjas” Darak laughed.

“And let me guess, you’re using this for agriculture?” I said as I looked up.

From underground where it was dark, I could see that there were numerous holes above ground like pores that let light into the secret cavern underground but I doubted those above ground would notice the pores. It was too bright up there for anyone to take notice. There was a really huge device and it seemed to have expanded to cover the pores. Wherever the light fell on these devices, it expanded and covered the field making it look as if the underground field was in fact above ground.

“Of course we made our own modifications to the device. Most of our guild earnings are from trading our harvests” Darak said.

“If everything we’ve been doing is so legitimate, then why were you so harsh with us whenever we gave a portion of our earnings to the poor?” I asked Darak.

“For two reasons. The first is that, you had absolutely no idea what you were doing? Let me ask you, if you thought that all guild earnings were as the result of a heist, does it protect your beneficiaries to receive whatever you gave them. Just think; the moment they began to spend that stolen money, people would ask questions and if the knights should get suspicious as to the sudden boost in their economic activities, they might end up suffering for your crime” Darak said.

We cringed in horror.

“We hadn’t thought that far” we admitted painfully.

“As a thief, you could afford to do whatever you wanted to do and get away with it by relying solely on your wits however as a Treasure Guardian, you will need to give a bit more thought to what you do. There are times you might need to act on the knowledge of finality” Darak said.

“What is the knowledge of finality?” Reis asked curiously.

“It means there will be no second chances, you either pull through or allow something to happen that you cannot take back” Darak said.

We suddenly became serious. The King Of Thieves as he was so affectionately known as was not one to make light jokes whenever he had a serious look on and at that moment, his face looked as though he had steeled himself for any possible adversity.

“And what is the second reason?” I asked him.

He sighed.

“Have you ever heard of the hero Edgar Fencer?” he asked.

“Nope, never heard of him” we both said with sly smiles.

“He was fond of the saying ‘the best way to protect anyone is to make them strong enough to protect themselves’. No matter how much we might despise or speak against it, the law ‘whoever does not work, the same shall not eat’ is in fact a natural law. Whoever heard of a wild animal that didn’t seek out its own food? I admit what you were trying to do was admirable but what happens after what you gave them runs out. Are you going to feed them for the rest of their lives? We hence came up with a better way to deal with that problem. We employed most of the citizens of Saggeese that were seriously plagued by poverty yet were willing enough to fend for themselves under our services. They help with cultivating our farms and trading our harvests. A lot more of these have risen through the ranks and become entrepreneurs that provide invaluable services to the guild through their affiliations” Darak said.

We were impressed by his resourcefulness. We were in fact utterly shocked. We knew him as someone who only knew how to throw people out of his office literally but this guild master of ours was becoming scarier by the minute.

“So what did you wish to teach us?” Reis asked.

“First of all, I would like you to recall three proverbs by three wise men. The first is; ‘energy is immortal but transformative.’ The second is ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ and the third and final is ‘the enemy may take many forms but essentially, the enemy is one’. I want you to think of the first saying as relating to an ongoing conversation. I want you to think of the second saying as relating to the cross that forms both time and space. In terms of time, history; in terms of space, simultaneous similar occurrences and then there is the final proverb. Everything evil in this world can be traced to one source however, the multiplicity of the various forms of evil are merely symptoms of that one evil.

Reis and I nodded. We were paying rapt attention to his lesson.

“Well, that’s all I can tell you for now and it’s all I’ll ever say concerning the matter. Anything else you want to know about the matter, you must learn on your own” Darak said.

We nodded silently.

“And now, I will teach you to believe in your own words” Darak said as his eyes flamed a terrible crimson and his hair began to glow bright crimson.

“I don’t like the looks of this Zan” Reis said with a slight shiver.

“Neither do I” I gulped in terror.

In the next instant the Pyromancers were out and Darak held them in a cross stance.

As we raised our hands defensively before him, he took his first shot and our duel began.


Meanwhile, in the Saggeesian Castle; an emissary had arrived from Tyron with a message for the king. Rumours had already reached the Princes of Tyron that the princesses were in Saggeese and the emissary was sent to verify this fact and to find out why Saggeese had broken the treaty.

“Inform the Princes Of Tyron that we have not broken the treaty. The wedding was interrupted by the being Amӓgfӓhr who had sought to plunge Zangaeia into chaos many times in the past” the king said.

“So might I interpret your words as the king intends to honour the marriage alliance between the kingdoms of Tyron and Saggeese?” the emissary asked.

“I would like to discuss this matter with the Princes in person. Could we set a date for this discussion perhaps at the Princes’ convenience?” the king asked.

“If that is your wish” the emissary said.

“And one more question. How are the Princes, I am sure by now they are aware of the Princesses’ return to Saggeese” the king asked.

“They are not happy and you cannot expect them to be after all our castle was assaulted by the Dragon Omega who is supposedly Saggeese’s National Treasure Of Fate. The Princes interpreted this attack as a declaration of war and sent me to verify your intentions” the emissary said.

“Oh no” the king said with a certain lack of concern. “I know nothing of that attack and it was most likely carried out by an independent faction” he eyed the Princesses suspiciously.

They had left out details of their rescue and he was not happy at all to hear the appended part of the tale from an emissary of the Princes.

“If you know anything of this so called independent faction you will make this knowledge known to my lords” the emissary said.

“I know nothing of their whereabouts. I only know that they appear only at times when they can be the worst sort of nuisance and then they disappear without a trace” the king said.

“I see. I will take you at your word then” the emissary said and departed. “You will be notified of when the Princes intend to hold the discussions.”

When he was gone the king turned to the Princesses. His face was red with anger.

“Those miscreants attacked the Princes of Tyron with the Dragon Omega?!” he exclaimed in horror.

“Uh…um did we leave that part out? We thought we informed you father” Aurora said nervously.

“It certainly would have helped if I had enough information to prepare myself for the Princes’ next move. Now tell me again how it was that you made it here to Saggeese and this time; please don’t leave out the juicy details” the king said sarcastically.




Flames were flying everywhere and loud explosions were occurring wherever they hit.

“A-Are you insane?! Are you trying to kill us?!” I screamed as a huge concentration of laser like flames narrowly missed Reis and I.

The Pyromancers shot a high density flame which was bright orange in colour.

“What sort of weapon is that?! Is it really a Treasure Of Fate?” Reis asked.

“The Pyromancers are a Treasure Of Fate…Grade A material. They work in sync with my stamina converting my own natural energy into high density flames. Did you think the name Darak Ignis was just for show?” Darak asked.

“Well…considering the fact that you’re dead broke and we’ve never actually seen you use them…yeah” I replied.

“Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm” Darak laughed. “A smart mouth as always Zan. I’m not really trying to kill you; I don’t even use this much strength when dealing with usual foes on a quest. I’m not even outputting twenty percent of my full strength yet but if you die from such a lousy show of strength, I guess I don’t mind” Darak said. “Ho ho ho ho!” he laughed coyly.

“You’re crazy! You’re absolutely insane!” Reis yelled.

“And you two are absolutely dishonest. Omega might frame it in proverbs but it is actually quite simple. To utilize the Treasures Of Fate, you must be true to who you are and honest too. How ironic, that your present survival literally depends on the truth within you” Darak said with a laugh.

We stared at him with bored expressions on our faces.

“Says the guy who let us believe for twelve years that we were part of a Thieves’ Guild. You could have told us earlier!” Reis screamed.

“You didn’t ask” Darak said with a smirk and aimed the Pyromancers at us.

“WHOOSH! WHOOSH! WHOOSH! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” streams of flame flashed all around us and we were doing our best to hold our ground.

However we were forced into a ‘strategic retreat’.

“Survival first! Duel later! Which idiot remains in a duel that’s not obligatory!” I screamed and Reis and I headed towards the gate but in an instant, Darak was there to block us.

“Don’t tell me…he used his guns as thrusters!” Reis sighed in defeat.

“Yeah, and this move has an interesting name too. It’s called ‘Convert Oxygen to laser cannons and ram that mothership!’” Darak said with a smirk.

“That’s pretty la-a-a-ame” we said.

“You’re not leaving this area that easily. That’s the basic summary” he said.

We ran around trying to find an exit but Darak’s mobility was not as lame as it was named. He literally boxed us to the centre of the room and kept firing shots at us.

“Zan! I know you’ve summoned the Nightbane once so I’m a little disappointed in you. I can’t fault Reis though since he’s never summoned Omega on his own. It’s actually quite impressive that you can summon Omega too without much effort but can’t summon your own Treasure Of Fate” Darak said.

“That’s quite simple, Omega hates my guts and he absolutely detests anyone who seeks out power they haven’t earned. That’s one combo he won’t easily ignore” I said nonchalantly.

“Remember what it is you wanted to protect when you called upon the Nightbane. Wasn’t it your desire to protect the princesses of Saggeese that called it forth?” Darak asked.

“I don’t get your point. You may say that but you know as well as I do that there ain’t any underground princesses to protect after all…my princess is in another castle” I said with a straight face.

“I see you even survived Dragon-Turtle Tower” Darak said.

“There weren’t any Dragon-Turtles in that tower” I remarked.

“I see…you’re not taking this seriously enough…” Darak said and then we heard the words we had never hoped to hear in this life and gladly only heard twice in our lives while the Pyromancers were aimed at us.

“Pyromancers First Form! Ignition!” there was a loud whirring sound and then.



Ten minutes later…

“Lie there like the losers that you are and curse your own weakness!” we heard Darak say angrily and walk out of the room.

“It’s so unfair” I said.

“It was like he was shooting Napalm at us with high density flames to boost” Reis said.

“I have never felt so utterly defeated in my life” I said.

“Uh-huh” Reis added. “He’s definitely inhuman”.

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