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Majestic Dreamers Ch 14: Preparations


A week passed and word was sent to the Royal Family of Saggeese from the Princes of Tyron that they intended to hold the discussions concerning the treaty a month from the current date. It was the 2nd of March, 2022, the day of Forgiveness.

The Princesses sat on their balcony pondering recent happenings in Saggeese. They had told their father everything about their adventure after Amӓgfӓhr kidnapped them and the King in turn filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle by telling them of our adventure including our holding the kingdom hostage by having the king promise us their hand.

“They sure have some nerve, those annoying thieves!” the Princesses had fumed about that fact for close to a week and they were still annoyed.

“However, you must admit that they are quite resourceful. They quickly withdrew that condition the moment they realized they had gained their freedom and we can’t forget what they did for the kingdom…in hindsight” Aurora admitted to Ayumi.

“When I think that they did that out of necessity, I feel less angry about it but it still peeves me” Aurora said.

“So what do you think they’re doing now? They still have the Treasures Of Fate you know?” Ayumi asked.

“Whatever thieves do with their free time. Probably thieving and spending all their heists as quickly as possible” Aurora said.

She laughed. Ayumi laughed as well.

“I must admit, I’m glad we didn’t finish them off those six years ago” Ayumi admitted.

“You know we couldn’t possibly do that. The worst we might have done was to give them a bitter dose of stargazing” Aurora said.

Ayumi laughed.

“But we might need their help again, especially because of this issue with the Princes Of Tyron. Our father did promise our hand to them to strengthen the alliance between both kingdoms” Aurora said.

“And like those thieves said, the marriage might actually be a farce. Both kingdoms might be using the marriage as an excuse to boost their military might” Ayumi said.

“If the marriage goes on, Saggeese will lose the only two Treasures Of Fate it currently possesses to Tyron. Thanks to the actions of those thieves, the Princes cannot claim Omega and the Nightbane. Those Treasures Of Fate if even they are not in the possession of the Royal Family of Saggeese will be safe in Saggeesian territory and in the possession of two of its citizens. At the very least, it makes a good bluff” Aurora said.

“Two citizens who feel no shred of duty towards the kingdom no less. Don’t get your hopes up Aurora” Ayumi said.

“We should probably ask them for help this time” Aurora said.

“Ask them for help?! I don’t know about you Aurora but I have no intention of owing those thieves any more. Remember the lesson they taught us six years ago? If I recall their advice clearly the summary of their lesson was ‘don’t be too quick to ask a stranger for help’” Ayumi said as she gave Aurora a warning glare.

“You are right however…we might have no choice” Aurora said.

“Are you doing this for yourself or for the people?” Ayumi asked her sister.

“It’s a question I’ve had to ask myself lately. At face value, it appeared an alliance with Tyron would be beneficial to both kingdoms but if the ulterior motives of both Royal Houses was to build up their arsenal, then the thieves probably made the right move and our marriage really isn’t for the sake of the people. With our National Treasures of Fate in civilian hands and Tyron’s Treasures of Fate in our hands, the power balance has been tipped, surprisingly so in Saggeese’s favour. We have everything to lose with an alliance with the Princes and nothing to gain that we don’t already have” Aurora said.

“I’m sure father realizes this. However…” Ayumi said.

“The Princes won’t easily back down from a royal agreement. To top things off, the two Treasures Of Fate in our current possession legitimately belongs to them. I can’t see a way to break out of this current impasse. The thieves are an unconsidered variable that have influenced things greatly and still can and that is why I believe they can still change things for both kingdoms. However…we can’t just find them. It’s not like they are in the easiest places to spot” Aurora said.

“Hey, perhaps we can put a bounty on their heads. That would get them discovered in an instant” Ayumi said with a dastardly smirk.

“We can’t do that. Father promised them their freedom. We can’t do anything that jeopardizes the integrity of his words. We’ve got to seek them out without getting the knights involved” Aurora said.

Ayumi was a little disappointed. She was hellbent on causing trouble for us.



Shin, one of our friends and a member of the Dragon Hide Guild approached us. We were seated at the common table where we usually hanged around to talk about quests and heists and our various adventures.

“Darak wants to see you two and he doesn’t look happy” Shin said.

“Don’t tell me he’s angry about nothing this time!” I roared.

“Nope, he actually looks pretty burnt out” Shin said with a laugh.

“Huh? Burnt out? Our crazy guild master? Is that even possible?” Reis asked with a laugh.

We stood up and walked towards Darak’s office. When we were in front of his door, we knocked thrice. He opened the door. We walked in. We were surprised to see him actually look burned out. He had his hand over his face. He walked to his seat and dropped on it placing his feet on the desk in the process.

“You poor thing, don’t tell me you have a fever” I said with feigned sympathy.

“Shut it, I absolutely don’t intend to hear your smartass remarks at the moment” Darak said.

“So why have you called for us?” Reis wasted no time in getting to the point.

This” Darak sighed with great exasperation as he slammed a letter on the table.

“What exactly does ‘this’ mean?” Reis asked.

“I’ve been invited to a diplomatic tussle between two elephants and I feel like the poor grass” Darak said.

“Just get straight to the point already” I said quickly.

“Apparently, the king of Saggeese has arranged for a diplomatic discussion to take place a month from now with the princes of Tyron concerning the fate of the new treasures of fate in Saggeese’s possession” Darak said.

“I see, a farce under the guise of a political marriage. Those princes sure are stubborn. Are they that determined to claim all of Saggeese’s Treasures Of Fate?” Reis asked.

“You may not know about this but they had the princesses bond with Tyron’s Treasures Of Fate” Darak said.

“WHAT?!” we exclaimed in anger.

“This is getting quite serious and I don’t like it. Considering that the Treasures Of Fate can be quite lethal, having the princesses attempt bonding with them is basically attempting to assassinate royal blood. It’s a good enough reason for a war” Reis said.

“Exactly. We know now that the princes of Tyron do not care much about whether the princesses live or die and I’m sure the king sees it too. Both sides now have legitimate reasons to start a war. It’s not a pleasant situation at all” Darak said.

“And why were you invited by the king to the diplomatic tussle anyways?” I asked Darak.

“I’ve been invited as an observer. I told you that we are viewed by most people as a Trade Guild and that image is probably what the king has heard about. We are quite prominent as a Trade Guild too you know” Darak said.

“A Trade Guild, A Thieves Guild, A Treasure Guardians Guild, this is all so confusing. Why does the guild need so many faces?” I asked Darak.

“We are traders because we earn a living trading our goods. We are Thieves because we steal Treasure and we are Treasure Guardians because of the nature of the Treasure we steal” Reis explained to me.

“I see” I nodded. “But what I am interested in Darak is what you intend to do about the entire situation” I asked him.

“Nothing” Darak said plainly.

“Nothing?” we said with raised eyebrows.

“Normally, I’d leave the royals to decide on how to deal with their mess but seeing as you’re friends with the princesses, I’ll let you decide on how to deal with the situation” Darak said.

“What do you mean?” Reis asked.

“They’re your friends. Are you going to let them get married to men that don’t care whether they live or die?” Darak asked.

“Darak once more I’ll say this clearly…get to the point” I said.

“I don’t intend to sit through that torture. As you can see, I’m quite exhausted and I probably need a month to recover” Darak said.

“You’re just being lazy” I said.

“So I’ll have you go in my place…as my representatives. It’s a good chance to learn how things work in the upper echelons of society” Darak said.

“ACK!” we exclaimed in horror.

“Are you or are you not aware of what we suffered at the hands of the king of Saggeese? Besides our faces are well known and isn’t associating your name with people who have just been cleared of treachery a bad image for your ‘Trade Guild’?” I asked him.

“What makes you think…you’ve been cleared of treachery? You don’t seem to understand the weight of the power currently at your disposal” Darak said.

“You’re saying they probably want to put us on trial but can’t because of the two Treasures Of Fate currently at our disposal?” I asked.

“They couldn’t do anything against you even if they wanted to especially now that they know you infiltrated Tyron and rescued the princesses with Omega’s help. By breaking through Tyron’s fortifications, you have declared yourself a formidable threat and they’d rather not have you as an enemy right now. So your current freedom might also be a farce” Darak said.

“I’m certain they would be watching us closely but our freedom isn’t something that can be taken from us. After all, a certain wise man once said, ‘freedom is a choice but escape requires other…arrangements’” I said.

“Since we are quoting wise men now, I’d like to hit you with another quote from the hero Edgar Fencer. He once said ‘the power of a multitude will trump a single formidable force anytime’” Darak said.

“You’re scheming something aren’t you Darak?” Reis asked.

“For one thing, you should have realized by now why the Treasures in your current possession are called the Treasures Of Fate. It has always been said that they never grant anything convenient like riches or wishes but they bolster one’s worth and create encounters that call Fate into play. In time you will realize that there were no coincidences in your journey; that everything is tied through the choices you made” Darak said seriously.

For now, I will watch and in time I will act however, I will have another observer accompany you as my representative” Darak said. “I’ve got one more tiring issue to deal with. A journey that must be completed within a month” Darak said with a show of extreme annoyance.


Meanwhile, the Princesses sought us out the best they could; sometimes sending servants out to find us and at other times sneaking out themselves. However, we were nowhere to be found. Darak had assigned Reis and I to the twelfth gate and we were to continue our training in his absence. Then quicker than expected, a month passed and a new battle was about to begin; the battle called a diplomatic tussle.

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