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Majestic Dreamers Ch 15: Diplomatic Warfare


It was the 2nd of April, 2022, the day of Truth and the princes of Tyron had arrived in Saggeese with a procession of ministers and knights. They headed straight for the Castle Of Saggeese and had absolutely no intention of staying. They intended to leave as soon as the discussions were over especially because of all the talk of a potent independent faction that wielded a Treasure Of Fate.

The royal family of Saggeese, knights, ministers, the princesses and the king and queen went to meet them at the entrance to Saggeese and then escorted them back to the castle where the discussions were to take place.

Meanwhile, Reis and I prepared to leave for the castle as well. We wore new clothes that Darak had ordered for us and were to head to the castle on horses he had provided for us. When we were ready, we were joined by a strange person clothed in heavy clothing. He wore a turban around his head and wore a scarf around his face.

“Here is the other representative of Darak. He doesn’t talk much but according to Darak, he is a keen listener and may offer you advice on what to say when the discussions begin. He calls himself ‘Ace’” Kyla said.

“He might as well call himself ‘Card’ ‘cos that’s what I’m getting here” I joked.

Reis glared at me.

“Since he is the guild master’s representative, we should behave Zan” Reis advised me.

“Hmmph” I folded my hands, already fed up with how responsible Reis was being.


Then we headed out. We joined the procession and headed to the castle. Apparently, there were other observers present as well. A lot of them were royals from both kingdoms. Finally we sat in the meeting hall and the battle for peace otherwise known as ‘diplomatic warfare’ was about to begin.

The princesses and the king apparently hadn’t noticed our presence yet. Methinks it was because of the fancy getup. Anyway, the king stood up and greeted the princes of Tyron. Then he said,

“We shall hear your complaints now”.

With those words, the tussle began.

Prince Ferdinand arose to speak first.

“You might all have heard of the treaty arranged between Saggeese and Tyron. A treaty that would be signed in marriage between we and the princesses of Saggeese. However, our complaints begin on the day of the wedding where according to Saggeese, an independent royal faction kidnapped the princesses and took them from us interfering with the marriage ceremony. Saggeese blames their disappearance on a mythical being called Amӓgfӓhr but we all know that Amagfahr is merely a myth. There has never been any evidence of his existence except in tales. He doesn’t even exist in any of our historical texts. It is shocking that Saggeese would attempt to mock our intelligence this way. To add insult to injury, this same independent royal faction from Saggeese attacked the royal castle of Tyron and kidnapped the princesses a second time. The next thing we know, they are back in Saggeese, in the hands of the king and yet he claims to be ignorant of the attack of our castle?! Preposterous!” he said.

“Wow, an independent royal faction? Is that how far the story has been distorted?” I whispered to Reis.

“Just shut up and listen” Reis advised me.

“First of all, the princesses were not kidnapped by a royal faction the first time. Thieves from this kingdom attempted to kidnap them but failed since the being Amӓgfӓhr appeared and kidnapped them instead. How can you claim that Amӓgfӓhr is a myth when you saw him yourself? In fact, more than half if not everyone present here can attest to the fact that Amӓgfӓhr is real. They were all present at the wedding that was supposed to take place” the knight captain said.

“I see so that’s what the observers are here for. That’s why Darak was invited. With the existence of Amӓgfӓhr made evident at the wedding ceremony, the princes cannot claim that he is a story Saggeese cooked up to save its skin. The king is quite shrewd himself” Reis said.

“I’m impressed with that nemesis of mine” I whispered.

“The king?” Reis asked.

“No, the captain of the knights. That despicable man who abandoned me to red eyes white bunny’s fury” I said and glared at him.

He suddenly noticed my presence. He was surprised at first and then he smirked as though he anticipated something interesting to occur during the discussions.

“And secondly, it was these same thieves that kidnapped the princesses from Tyron” the Knight Captain said.

The princes were utterly shocked. Then they smiled.

“That just proves that they did it with your support after all, the dragon Omega is a National Treasure of Saggeese. How could thieves claim a National Treasure except by mutual cooperation from the royals of Saggeese and the Thieves? That also harms your credibility, I never thought Saggeese would stoop so low as to resort to mercenaries to carry out its dirty work” Prince Cyrus said.

“What are you saying? We just said they were thieves. Your argument makes no sense. Besides, they stole those Treasures Of Fate from us” the king said with a sly smile.

Those? So am I right in assuming that those thieves are in possession of more than one National Treasure Of Fate?” Prince Ferdinand asked.

“Those are confidential matters we will not discuss with outsiders. It is a matter of state security. I hope you understand” the knight captain quickly said.

“Hey Reis, they’re trying to turn us into the villains here. They’re making us the scapegoat” I whispered to Reis.

“For now, we just watch or didn’t you hear me the first time Zan?” Reis said with a serious expression on his face.

I noticed his body trembling and I thought he was beginning to get nervous but when I looked down, I saw his fists clenched and I knew that he was trembling in rage.

“Calm down Reis, you are not the only one that’s angry” I said and motioned to him to look at the princesses.

They were absolutely infuriated as well and we could see that they were trying their absolute best to remain silent. It may have been a farce to turn us into scapegoats in order to save the kingdom; but it was the fates of the princesses on the line.

“If the royal family of Saggeese were in the right, they would have informed us the moment the princesses arrived in Saggeese but instead, they kept silent about the whole affair. We discovered this though our own information sources. How can you claim innocence?!” the princes were on the verge of anger. “We were promised an alliance through a political marriage yet twice, we were denied by Saggeese’s interference!”

“This has gone too far. Stop me now if you intend to but I’m going to speak” Reis said.

“I’m not going to stop you here bro. Darak was right. If we were granted our freedom and then turned into scapegoats after that, then we’re never really going to be free until we clean up our own mess” I said.

“Zan” Reis said with a look that showed that he was impressed with me.

Reis turned to Ace.

“Are you going to stop me too?” he asked.

Ace shook his head and motioned for Reis to continue.

“Pardon me but I intend to speak on Saggeese’s behalf now” Reis said.

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