A Poem by michaelgallatin

Author: michaelgallatin
Created: March 07, 2017 at 05:21 pm
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Down To Hell  

We're living our lives on borrowed time.
Existing here on God's last dime.
And just where in the Hell is He?

I don't think that He's expired.
Perhaps it's just that He is tired.
But it's still woe for you and me.

Because with free will we were fated.
In this world that He created.
And who gives that gift to kids?

I wonder what did He expect.
There's so much that we have wrecked.
As Humanity hit the skids.

We're sliding down to Hell with a rebel yell.
And there's nothing He will do.
For it might be radical but He's on sabbatical.
So to Hell with me and you!

Michael "Is It Getting A Mite Warmer Folk?" Gallatin

© michaelgallatin - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Yet another poem about Mankind screwing up the gift God gave us and God apparently being OK with that choice. Tell me my friends, where's the "fire next time"?

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Comments & Reviews

March 20, 2017
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I loved that last line!! ya we are already in hell I would guess...and where IS God anyway??? I live in "hell freezes over until the summer an then it is regular hot hell!!!anyways...nice one!
(who is currently dead)

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March 07, 2017
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I love this. It's so lyrical and your rhyming is flawless. It flows very well. I love the message Evan though I'm not a religious person, but I definitely understand your message here.

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