A Poem by Littlesong

Author: Littlesong
Created: March 16, 2017 at 10:54 am
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Category: Love | Romance | Inspirational
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~*Sweet Song*~

Lay whispers on me
With Your arms, sing me romance
Sigh me a dream
Scatter me to countless words
Read me to sleep…
Hide me under Your touch
I'm the teardrop
Hanging over Your heart

Leave the world outside
Raging, it's not for us
Dwell tonight with me
Drown a promise
Deep into my heart
That in thine I will live
Through thy fibers I will flow
Drifting with Him
Time after time

Pour Your all over me
Drench me, Your waterfall
Your whole…
Spirit, mind and core
Pure Your all to me...
Pull my soul
Bare up unto Your palms
and show me the difference
When souls make love.

L.S ~*

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Author Notes

A little something today.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 14)

March 20, 2017
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So sensual and erotic. I am glad i stopped back in to enjoy this one. You words go very deep like the passions one would expect from a soulmates offering. SL Great work dear friend~Paul

Hi Paul my friend, how are You lately? It's me who is glad to see You gracing my page again, Your description of my words is wonderful, I'm like always most grateful for You and Your presence here with us.
A great week I wish for You ahead.

 Littlesong replied on March 20, 2017

March 18, 2017
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Passionate plea
When I read this all i can say is I am swept into your overtures. It would take a cold heart indeed to say,"No" to such a request. The first stanza reads like someone who is grabbing you by the sleeve to pull you in. I love the lines, "Drown a promise/Deep into my heart/
That in thine I will live." to me that is the difference when souls make love. Another beautiful picture of loves rapture you painted for us Littlesong!

Thank You so much dear Sketer for Your wonderful most sweet words, You do put a smile on my face, Thank You 😊

 Littlesong replied on March 18, 2017

March 16, 2017
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Spiritual love
This is another of this poet's metaphysical offerings, in which she writes of a kind of love that transcends the physical and becomes an actual merging of souls. Verse 1 could be taken for any romantic scene, but it is actually the prologue that leads to a rising into something greater: "Leave the world outside," meaning the physical world with all its changes and disappointments. "Dwell tonight with me" is the invitation to merge, to become one in love. The last verse describes that love in its full flower: "Pull my soul/ Bare up into your palms/ and show me the difference/ When souls make love." This is something that goes beyond ordinary human love, and while it could represent that, it could also represent the soul's merger with its Divine Source. Such lines might have been written by St. Teresa of Avila. Powerful stuff here

Suggestion: Elizabethan terms can be tricky. In verse 2, "thine one" could benefit from dropping the one and letting thine stand alone. In the next line, "thine fibers" should be "thy fibers."

Dear John, thank You so very much, deeply and warmly, as I told D beneath, I didn't expect such impact to be left, I was just flowing with my words when I wrote it, from You to receive such praises means a lot to me, Thank You generously, for bearing my errors too with Your kindness.

 Littlesong replied on March 17, 2017

March 16, 2017
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Absolutely soul grabbing
Purity of it all, as all ranges outside and deeply inside. Another piece of your heart, LS. Spotlight!

What a pleasant surprise this evening dear D, thank You my passionate friend for reading this humble write today and being here for me. 

 Littlesong replied on March 16, 2017

This, oh sensitive one, I have read and reread and reread. It is pure perfection from so many angles. Your passion and sensitivity shine here like no other...when souls make love...the perfect ending, yet bare beginning, to your heart's words today. Exquisite!!!

 a112yearoldman replied on March 16, 2017

Oh sweetest D! The truth when I wrote I didn't expect to leave such impact, it flew to my mind and just wrote it... I'm so so very happy that it left You this way! 

 Littlesong replied on March 17, 2017

March 16, 2017
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Ahhh . . .
and there most certainly a "difference," isn't there Littlesong. Your thoughts turned into words absolutely captured my emotions. I feel warm all over better than anywhere else.

Thank You so much for Your sweet kindness, I'm glad that You enjoyed my humble poem of today, that it brought You good feeling, certainly makes feel good

 Littlesong replied on March 16, 2017

 RamSlade replied on March 16, 2017

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