A Prose by seriouspoet

Author: seriouspoet
Created: March 17, 2017 at 12:04 pm
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One night a man named David
was walking through a dark tunnel
The only sound was the vile squeal of rats
And the cold made his soul shiver
Every step took him further
into the depths of despair
Because it seemed like there was no way out
of this horrible place
But just as David began to weep
He heard a voice behind him say 
"You are not alone"
When he turned around he saw a man
carrying a bright torch
Its fire filled David with warmth
"Are you my saviour?" David asked
"Yes. Will you walk with me" the man replied
"Sure" David answered.
They walked and beautifully conversed about life
David felt amazingly at ease
As if this man was his best friend
When they reached the end of the tunnel
There was a radiant light like the glow of an angel
"Where am I going?" David asked
"You are going home" the saviour answered
And every tear was wiped away forever

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March 18, 2017
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I liked this . . .
such a wonderful story was stated within the lines of this short, but satisfying poem. What a groovy (yeah, some of us die-hards still say it) way to reach the other side. Spotlight!


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