A Novella by Filmgirl39

Author: Filmgirl39
Created: March 19, 2017 at 08:27 pm
Upload Type: Novella, G (All)  
Category: Mystery & Crime | Mystery & Crime | Mystery & Crime
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The Sames

The Sames The smell, yeast-infected, rusty pipes made her cringe as she bounders clumsily to her feet, chokes and craves the hopefully-not-momentary refreshment that comes from breathing clean air. Her torso is a diagonally-flattened splay and the intake of pure air is nowhere near as effortless as it should be. Huff, puff sputter huff puff sputter--slam. Atop her immobilized chest stomps the first grim reaper. "Ooh-la-la moola!" Lorna gasps. She hoped that her snaking wiggle to the outside of the house would make her inconspicuous enough to sideslide the lengthening line by the front door. No such luck. She nodes her head negatively. "I can't I couldn't we didn't....Lorna felt as though her jaw was going to go into a permanently frozen state--never again able to render a quickly dismissive explanation as to why she can't just pay him off and be done with the humiliation of of sexual degradation forever. But, alas, her lips could move better than her pinned body could at this point. And this fact alone would offer absolutely no respite from an obligatory explanation about payment of loans rendered. A towering grimacing figure was above nodding affirmatively. "Then you'll still owe the dough, my dear." "I can't, I couldn't, we didn't....the same menacing figure, still nodding affirmatively, had the wiggles in her pinned now. Nodding affirmatively, nodding affirmatively unceasing. The towering figure nodding affirmatively, unceasing. Lorna closed her eyes to prevent herself from.becoming dizzy and sick. Then, shaken to her core by the darkness, she opened them again. Then, feeling a rising need to intimidate her intimidator, she waved her grasp less than two inches from his face and let out a domino chain of blistering shrieks loud enough to stir the sacred out of their sedentary slumber.

© Filmgirl39 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Second part of the similars. Crime and suspense novella n process

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