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Author: JohnCreekmore
Created: March 19, 2017 at 08:41 pm
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Whispers From the Cellar  

The whispers in the cellar,
The denizens of the dark

Are always there, and we
Hear them without realizing



"Too late;"


And many more, all of which
Are the children of fear.

Every fearful feeling, every
Unwarranted gnawing of guilt
Or shame

Comes from them, is an attempt
To drag the soul down into the
Only hell there is.

Know them, then, and thrust them
From every corner of the house,

For once in control they will not
Yield it,

Save the power of the secret place
Strike them dumb,

And the cellar fall as silent as though
A fearful word had never been spoken.

© JohnCreekmore - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Bid the demons be silent.

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May 24, 2017
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Dark and dank
The cellar, not this piece. This piece is so very human, reaching to the cellars of our souls. A quite profound version of the things that go bump in the night that keep us from sleeping. I have written about the attic as storage place for memories, but this is a great play on the cellar as a storage place for our fears. Well done!

Thank you.  Perhaps the only real progress in life can be judged by how well we have cleaned out our cellars.  For most of us, I think, it is a lifetime task.

 JohnCreekmore replied on May 24, 2017

March 21, 2017
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John, I really enjoyed your poem, yes we all have those whispers, my whispers come from the past, maybe they are living in the basement of my soul. Regarding my poem, In The Corner, thanks for visiting it, and about meditation being a drug, well it does become somewhat of a need, but perhaps a better answer is that I needed a word to rhyme with rug, hug, and bug.

Thanks.  We all have those voices the, tragedy being that many listen to them constantly and believe what they say.  If more people followed the example you set in "The Corner," perhaps more would be able to separate the voices from truth.

 JohnCreekmore replied on March 21, 2017

March 20, 2017
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The sound of out thoughts
Coming from the darkness inside us, from our nigative vebrations speaking around us, drag us to their cellar, and how often we do, Your poem reminded me with a song, (I'm in the basement, You're in the sky I'm in the basement baby...)... This is a great and wonderful piece, what I like more about it is the emotional side, Thank You so much for sharing.

Thanks, LS.  The negative memories of a lifetime are always within us, so we must take care that they do not reappear when things get difficult.

 JohnCreekmore replied on March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017
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The day
for dennisons and darkness. Read Odin's. Amazing that I barely wrote a piece entitled Whispers. Maybe we are all on the same page or searching for new titles?

Sounds like there is something in the air, Donald.  Thanks for your comment.

 JohnCreekmore replied on March 20, 2017

March 19, 2017
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Great advice!
I have no idea how figuratively or literally you intended the " denizens of the dark" who like to hang out in the cellar to be taken. Some would say that to believe in such is to give them power. I would say the human perceptions of ""Alone;""Lost;""Too late;" and
"Futile" are the means by which such garner their strength over us regardless of what our belief system might state. The best way I've found to shut the critters up is to start agreeing with them. "Yes" I say, "You all are right in your assessment of me. I'm a piece of work, but...but you still have no right to this!" "This" being the blessed hope that we can not relinquish and is wholly justified. It's a great big God. It's a tiny devil. I sing a bar of "Jesus Loves Me" and start focusing on what happened about 33 AD. That may sound awfully childish, but it shuts'em up. Otherwise, by now they'd have me dead, in jail, a nuthouse, or living on the street. They have no antidote for hope. That's why they have to steal it.

Thanks, Sketer.  Whatever works for you, use it, no matter how it sounds.  To me the whispers are all the negative beliefs we have absorbed in our lives.  The more attention we give them, the stronger they get. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

 JohnCreekmore replied on March 19, 2017

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