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Author: richom
Created: March 20, 2017 at 11:41 am
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Category: Society | Opinion | Business
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Quick or Quality

The product pride and artistry
And craftsmanship that used to be
Are vanishing before our eyes
As trash today's consumer  buys.

Creations that are works of art
In modern commerce have no part.
To businesses the sole concern
Is how much profit will it earn.

Firms manufacture at top speed,
And quality gives way to greed.
The workmanship is sacrificed
In order to be lowest priced.

So make things quick, and make 'em cheap
To be replaced, instead of keep.
Just throw away; don't waste dispute.
Let's landfills grow and seas pollute.

Then when extinct, we'll leave behind
Just junk for future droids to find.
A plastic, wounded world will be
Our lasting, shameful legacy.

© richom - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Not quite this bad.  A limited market remains for art and quality products--the one per cent who ca n afford them.

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April 15, 2017
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The world is gradually becoming just a dumping ground for things that are not bio degradable.Very note able piece.

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April 12, 2017
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How true,
Unfortunately, the world today is a consuming society, buy and throw, buy and throw... the easier and faster to make more money, and this is spreading also to the art world, how sad it is... I agree with You totally, thank You for pointing this out for us to read.

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March 22, 2017
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Oh, I expect you're so right, Richard. And it just keeps on getting worse as the world's population continues to expand. Earth...one big landfill! What a pathetic end to a beautiful experiment.

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March 21, 2017
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olden days
Absolutely spot on Richard, unfortunately it is a fact of life and where we are in it. Our youngsters are, or have been, brought up to accept this sort of lifestyle. I don't suppose we have to worry too much about it now. I find that memory lane is an absolute benefit for me but even when I am down there I start to lose it when I see the things that we enjoyed are no longer anywhere in the present world. I suppose the word antique will soon be diss-guarded and "Re-cycled" will take its place. Time for a whiskey and blood pressure check! SL and take care. Rod.

Thank you, Rod.   So far they haven't tampered with the quality  of whiskey.  If they try to do that, I'll join you in the street march protesting it.

 richom replied on March 22, 2017

March 21, 2017
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The waste it up
society gets bigger and bigger, while landfills and intelligence get smaller and smaller. As for art being in the hands of the rich, that has always been the case!

Sad, but true.  Thanks for the review,

 richom replied on March 22, 2017

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