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Author: JoanDZombie2RC
Created: March 20, 2017 at 07:44 pm
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Im sorry, Did you want the last one?  

While its polite to say "Does anyone want the last piece of pie" (or whatever it is)
That is like literally giving up what you actually wanted in the first place!
Because you are asking all the other people to take the thing that you wanted and risking not having what you want...

-Why say it I the first place if you wanted it?
Why be polite?
Good manners huh?

Which brings me to my next thing-
"you snooze you lose"
If you know there is a treat in the house of other people and there was only a little bit of it an you didn't get any of it yet... Why is someone taking more and not saving a little for you?
Or other people?
Because nobody is around at that time so they just grab it and eat it.
maybe it will go bad?
See if it was me I wouldn't save it for other people that would be the
"you snooze you lose" factor...
This is why I would be rude an just take it at the table!
Not just cause I want it but because "you snooze you lose"
but you could have also asked me...just sayin...

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March 21, 2017
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Well now,...
I suppose I'd expect a zombie to be rather rude at meals anyway. Sadly Walking Dead has not done much to present your table manners in a good light. Surprised too that you said last piece of pie and not last piece of thigh. Here's a solution! So long as it's not a baby you are sharing ala King Solomon, cut it in half. Remember that you are a zombie girl, not a pig!


your right...a zombie has to keep her manners...especially a poetic queen of the zombies...I will tell you a secret why I call myself zombie...not just because I'm obsessed with grave yards...but I am not a smart person and I NEED BRAINS! I love learning and that's how I get said brains...there are so many underlying complexes as to why I call myself zombie... maybe I will write something for you! and it can have your name on it so that you know what it is and where it came from...Thank you for commenting!!! also visit just "JoanDZombie" another account I have on here! I don't check it as often but I have some repeats but some I have just kept there...ENJOY!!! and stay dead

 JoanDZombie2RC replied on March 21, 2017

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