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Created: March 24, 2017 at 09:31 pm
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Toni Morrison's ‘Mercy’ is Really Merciless I’m not sure what the popular majority would constitute as light-heartedly entertaining rendering material these days, but I am quite certain that Morrison’s ‘A Mercy' might not be it. Granted, I knew that going in from reading the flap jacket that the topic of slavery and death were two things that would be hard to create levity with, but her book seems relentless, ridiculous and predictable from cover to cover. Basically, the plot revolves around a man who is looking for an “unchurched” wife to be his slave mother figure and until death do they part. This is neither a typical nor realistic construct for a marriage by today’s standards and in its redundancy and baseness, I found that her pages did not capture and keep my attention. To make matters worse, the would-be marriage seems plagued from the beginning, both by public gossip about its unsuitability and future instability and by the groom’s insurmountable debt that seems to be the central topic of a heated discussion (over dinner) with his father. But those of you out there who have some sort of deep-seated affection and appreciation for the “noir” genre will be pleased to discover that the oh-so-doomed nuptials do seem to take flight in reality only to be cut short by a highly unexpected twist of murder and mayhem. There are, of course, some poignant moments in this nightmare of a novella. The descriptions of traveling across lines and boundaries seem ultra-realistic as well as sweet and the heavy laboring over the building of just the perfect house for a queen of sorts seem to hold the plot together as well as possible and affirm that some love from someone exists somewhere in one or both of their hearts. But, alas, the braggart tendencies, the lavishness and the killing (literally) of trees and souls make Morison’s ‘A Mercy’ rather merciless to me. Mercy, mercy me!

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