A Short Story by ArthurVaso

Author: ArthurVaso
Created: March 26, 2017 at 05:11 pm
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Woody Thompsons Dark Day

It was early morning, like any other for Woody Thompson, up at 7:00 and looking forward to his day. He always rose before his wife; his quiet time for a shower and having his first cup of coffee. He enjoyed reading his paper and tracking his riches on the financial pages. Today was going to be a particularly good day because he was about to seize one of his partner's assets. The man was having a rough time, but Woody never passed up an opportunity to gain more wealth. Today was the day he would double his net worth!

After showering he went to the kitchen, where by 7:15 the coffee maker had automatically brewed a pot of coffee. But he didn't smell the welcome aroma or see a pot filled with the brew. Either it was broken or the timer was messed up. Then he realized he wasn't alone.  Woody was shocked to see a man in a long black trench coat, sitting at the kitchen table. In a deep voice, he politely and calmly told Woody to have a seat. Now normally Woody would have objected, puffed out his chest in indignity and demanded an explanation. However, the Beretta 9 millimeter sitting on the kitchen table within the intruders reach made him comply.

Woody's eyes widened, but he sat, and the intruder stared right back at him.

"Would you like a coffee, Woody?" he asked.

Hesitantly, Woody answered, "What are you doing here and what do you want?"

"Well, Woody, I thought it would be nice if you and I had a coffee together this morning. But it seems as though your coffee machine is broken! That's a problem, Woody. n fact, that's why I am here. I will make you a coffee, so sit back and just relax."

The intruder got up and then took a packet of coffee grinds, dumped them into a cup and added luke warm water.

"There you go, Woody, drink up!"

"How can I drink this," he exclaimed! "Its not even filtered, and with the grinds will taste vile and horrible. Yuk Unfiltered coffee."

The intruder smirked then replied, "Well I am sure this mug of coffee will taste a lot better than a bullet, so drink up, Woody, and enjoy!"

Woody lifted the cup to his mouth then noticed the intruder was having none. He dared not speak an objection. Doing his best not to throw up, he managed to finish the cup. For a few moments, there was utter silence. Woody prayed this wasn't the "Silent One," for if that was the case he knew he was in the hands of a demented terrorist.

The intruder just stared with his dark black eyes and finally said, "Woody, has there been a lesson you've learned from this?"

Woody hesitated once again, at a loss as to how to answer. Part of him, the terrified part, wanted to give the right answer to be rid of the intruder The bold side of him wanted to fight back. To say, 'Who the hell are you and why are you here?' He was not a coward, but with the barrel of that Beretta pointed at him, he decided to be cool.

The intruder smirked and said, "That's ok, Woody. I never thought of you as a bright one, but I am here for your benefit, so, we shall continue your lesson."

He picked up his gun and clambered a round and then placed it back on the table. By this time Woody was soaked in sweat, and a felt a dampness in his pants.

The man continued."Woody, my friend, let me recap what just happened here. You just drank a cup of unfiltered coffee and confessed to the fact it tasted horrible and vile. Thus I say to you, when you think, when you ponder what to say to others, you say it without a filter, and thus others are forced to swallow your horrible and vile words. So with all sincerity Woody, I simply want you to contemplate that small fact. Maybe instead speaking so gruffly to others, think before you speak. Then maybe, just maybe, you will think...'what is more important? The sound of my own voice, or the feelings of others?'
I sincerely hope these words have filtered through to you, Woody. If they have maybe me and you can make this world not just a better place, a happier place. One can be sincere, one can express ones thoughts, however one can do so in ways of kindness and compassion.

Or not! In that case we may have more in common that you wish to believe and I can come back. We can share a second cup of coffee. Oh wouldn't that be so nice, Woody? Would you like that?  Now, I will bid you adieu and wish you a nice lovely day. Use the day and what you've learned very wisely Woody."

Just as the man slipped out the door, Woody's wife, called to him.

"Woody is that you? Are you talking to yourself dear?"

Woody, still trying to get control of himself answered, "No no. I just had the radio on, dear, but I haven't had my shower yet!"

And off he went to the shower, to wash away the affects of that conversation, and to contemplate the bizarre start to his morning. That shower lasted a long time.

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Author Notes

Just a small short story, hope you enjoy.

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