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Hillbilly// Part Thirty Five


                                            Part Thirty Five

This was one of the longest nights the brothers could ever remember. Even those nights when they were tiny and waited for the Halloween Goblins to come and take them away and suck the breath from their corpses were not as long as this night, after all Dog had been there to protect them.  Caleb just stared straight out into some far away point deep into the recess of his mountain. The boys left him well alone but stayed close and tended the stills and campfire. The silence was deafening and the loss of Dog was so much more than they had imagined. There had not been a time in their life they could remember when he was not at least close by.

Mercifully daylight climbed the mountain and shone upon the trio. Sleep had not come to any this night and a new morn was upon them and hopefully a better day. Caleb stood and stretched and doused the campfire. Come on boys, he told his sons in a bit more than a harsh whisper. The brothers followed their father home. Giselle had been waiting on the porch, knowing Caleb would return with the morning light and she made sure she had hot food waiting for her men. As Caleb mounted the steps she moved to him wrapping her arms tightly around him and holding him ever so close. Come inside, I have breakfast waiting for you. The youngsters were so excited to see their poppa but were swept up by their brothers before they got to him. Come on boys, Jay said, come with me and Prentiss to take care of the animals, ok? The youngsters and animals was a given and all else was to be sidetracked.


Caleb knew he could afford no more grieving time. His oldest sons were a day away from being sent to some far away hellhole and maybe to their death. He needed to be here and with them right now. The next morning light would see Horse and the family deliver Caleb’s precious sons to the train and have to bid them goodbye.

Kate and Apple set a plate and coffee in front of Caleb and each gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was their own way of letting him know the deep grief he was feeling was a shared sorrow by all. Giselle sat down next to Caleb as the girls prepared plates for everyone. She put her tiny hand on his rough hewn paw and just then everyone returned from the barn and took their places. The youngsters were quite reserved and kept glancing at their poppa tentatively. It must have been that the older brothers told them that this was a special day and only the best and quietest behavior would be expected today. Caleb took a sip of the piping hot coffee and gazed around the table finally a shallow smile came to his face and tears welled up in his eyes.

The feeling of family and love overwhelmed him and he had to swallow hard so as to choke back tears. He was grateful for his older sons who were the world to him. They had chosen the very best of wives that Caleb could have imagined. His youngsters were the most curious and ingenious youngsters God could have given him. Arlin ----well what could he say other than he would swell up with pride every time he looked upon him. He had had the friendship of his faithful Dog for twenty years and that was far more than most dogs lived. His wife Giselle was his rock, a teacher, mother, friend, lover and his guide through the more gentle sides of life making him a better man all around.

Finally he spoke. Boys, he said, looking at his eldest sons, why don’t you and your brides take the day to yourselves. Maybe have a nice picnic and just take the time today that will carry you through hard times in the future. It’s a sunny wonderful day, a day that memories are made of. The rest of us can head to the new bar.

And Revue poppa, Arlin chimed in with a grin. Yes, bar and Revue Caleb said; a smile on his face. Without realizing it every member of the family had set aside a portion of their breakfast for Dog.

Giselle prepared a lunch to take to the train station while the girls packed away a picnic for their husbands and themselves. Jay and Prentiss took the youngsters to hitch up Horse and bring the buckboard around to the porch.

As usual Patsy was hanging around and decidedly up to no good. He watched in anticipation as the family arrived at the Revue. Today he would introduce himself to Caleb and put pressure on him. He thought to himself that Caleb was a hick and an easy mark, someone that could be bullied into submission and then to be exploited. Patsy was surely mistaken and especially on this day.

Arlin opened the door and couldn’t wait to show his poppa the progress they had made on the bar. It was quite an impressive piece of work. There were panels, drawers, shelves and cabinets, intricate mouldings and stood towering over the room as if to say, here I am, look at me. Caleb put his arm around his son and said: mighty fine work son, mighty fine. Giselle put the youngsters to busy work wiping and polishing anything in sight and wondering how long that would hold their attention. Caleb and Arlin set about creating seating along the large windows. It wasn’t fancy or intricate but added at least forty seats to the room without having one table or chair to the place. There was considerable interest buzzing about the platform. Many townsfolk’s stopped to peer through the immaculate windows and approving nods were the result along with lots of finger pointing with occasional oohs and ahhs to express their favorable acknowledgement of the fine work going on inside.

The boys and their wives took their lunch and a nice thick blanket and headed for the very top of the mountain. Jay and Prentiss were growing increasingly apprehensive as the clock was running out. They did their utmost not to show their actual feelings to their wives. The last thing they wanted was to show any weakness to the girls knowing they already had plenty of apprehension even though they were trying not to show it.

The stories of this war were rampant and the atrocities being committed by those nasty Germans; soulless Hessians; gassing people without consideration to age or sex, just murdering savages. Stories of soldiers being disemboweled with bayonets brought such savage acts to mind, thoughts so distant from this mountain paradise. The girls did the best they could to hold up and show no apprehension but instead acting playful, teasing their men with fried chicken and flowing petticoats lifted gently by the ever present mountain wind. The girls had plans to separate the brothers and each would go off in an opposite direction and soon entice their husband into a glorious romp on this last day of freedom from the filthy military. America had no business getting involved with the troubles of Europe and certainly no benefit would become of it, lest any mountain folk.

Caleb had taken a few minutes to sit outside the Revue and light his pipe, trying to quiet his mind from the next many hours to come. He closed his eyes and tried ever so to hold his sons to his memory, unmolested by troubles so far away. The sun shone on his face and warmed him until a shadow crossed his path and the sun disappeared from his face. He opened his eyes to find that he was facing the frame of a greasy looking suit, tall, sporting a pencil thin moustache. Not a real moustache and not a moustache a real man would sport. He raised his hand and motioned Patsy out of his way.

Not wishing to get off on the wrong foot, Patsy did as he was requested and Caleb once again closed his eyes and felt the sun upon him. Patsy was not used to being so disrespected but held his temper in check. He made a big deal of clearing his throat trying to get Caleb’s attention. Without opening his eyes or really acknowledging his presence Caleb spoke in a soft voice. I know what you want and today is a really bad day to talk with me. I also suggest that in the future you stay as far away from my family as you can possibly get! We’ll have a conversation just not now. Patsy feeling slighted leaned forward and grabbed Caleb by the lapel of his coat and in his best threatening voice began to instruct Caleb on how things would be. Patsy was about three words into his threat when Caleb grasped his wrist and in one swift motion brought the gangster to his knees, reeling in pain.

Are we done today, Caleb pressed not releasing the gangster now on his knees and at Caleb’s mercy. Yes I understand came the muttered reply. Patsy had well misunderstood this man.

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It has been a long hiatus but we'll now try to finish this book. Thanks for your remarks and reads. 

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