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Author: Leopassion7
Created: April 03, 2017 at 12:32 am
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Category: Fiction | Contemporary | Suspense
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SOLSTICE (mini-series)

He was lying on his back, the bedsheets tousled about his sleeping body. A thick, muscular thigh peeked out precariously, void of clothing. His snoring was soft, but audible. A clock on the nightstand beside the bed read 2:36 a.m., more than six hours after his workday had ended. Still, he hadn’t come home until an hour ago.

 How smug of him, she thought, as she stood silently at the foot of the bed. As she observed his slumbering physique, a flash of anger flickered in her eyes as she remembered the stank musk of her on his shirt collar. It was a scent Trinity had been smelling for two years. The scent of his mistress. “That bitch”, she whispered. In reality, she wasn’t angry with the other woman. After all, it was Tommy who broke their vows and began the affair. Besides, on some conscious level, Trinity believed he had been feeding the woman the same greasy lies he had given her.

Trinity moved closer toward him now. Suddenly, she was aware of the moonlight, its soft glow draping lazily across the misshapen sheets. She glanced at her side of the bed. The sheets were shrouded in darkness, appeared cold and untouched. A shiver coursed through her body as she realized the bleakness of it all. Closer toward him she inched.

How did it come to this after 12 years of marriage? She wondered. They seemed so happy all these years ago. “Tommy & Trin”, as they were affectionately called, were considered THE couple. Surely relationship experts would have been proud. They dated four years, married and became pregnant just one year later. They rarely argued, shared the same tastes in hobbies and genuinely respected one another. Maybe we were too perfect.


A pang of guilt and sadness filled her. She still loved him. Her commitment to him had never wavered. It was he who had deserted their marriage. Trinity supposed it was partly her fault. It was she who had become the workaholic wife, absorbed in her marketing career while he was left many nights to eat dinner alone. Still, that gave him no right to cheat! She remembered all the nights he had blamed late nights in the office as his excuse for coming home late. It was reasonable, even understandable at first, given his promotion to mid-level management.


But that was then. This is now! Looming just inches from his sleeping form, Trinity slowly extended her arms outward. She aimed the Beretta handgun towards Tommy’s head, holding it steady. She suddenly began to perspire as she contemplated the thought of taking his life. She glanced around the room, keenly aware of how dark it suddenly appeared, the moonlight acting as a spotlight, solely centered on Tommy.

She swallowed. Her throat was dry, yet her palms felt greasy. The Beretta felt heavier than it had just minutes ago. She inhaled deeply, released her breath and removed the gun’s safety. Remember to squeeze the trigger slowly, don’t jerk. A sudden loud scuffling sound came from outside their bedroom door and Trinity shifted her eyes. What the hell was that? She didn’t have time to find out as Tommy sprang to life, apparently having heard the same noise. Though it was dark, save for the moonlight, he quickly assessed the gun pointed at his head and yelled.


“Trinity! What the he—


The gun fired.





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Author Notes

This is a beginning preface to a new mini series I'm working on. Please feel free to comment!

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