A Poem by HungGarKid

Author: HungGarKid
Created: April 15, 2017 at 03:20 pm
Upload Type: Poem, M (16+)  
Category: Romance | Non Fiction | Dark
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Oh yeah, Oh no- China(Tar) part 3 of 3

Her battle always takes it's toll
Running from this greedy and lost society- listening as they sing, it's your final call
This girls love is wicked- Oh, all her street laws
Oh yeah, if you could- Please find the time and make me whole
Please give me back my soul
She's my best friend- Oh yeah
Her eyes-Oh no- my mind they stole
Her love blocking natures death calls
Responsible for forgotten days- Please make this feeling go away
Oh yeah, she's forever in my tortured heart
Baby don't you know, this is our final curtain show- It's time to part
Please make her go
Oh yeah, here I come- Oh no, there she goes
Saying maybe on more mystery kiss of past
Her tempting echo's make you blind- You'll forget to ask
When will this runaway train show your true mask
Trying to let go of your troubles- hear her silent cries- we're doomed
Then the wind whispered- I'll see you soon
Oh yeah, Oh no- take it slow
Her shadow showing reflections of our past
Please little darling- make it our last
Her love has got me confused- I've forgot which way the wind blows
Here she comes- Hopping you'll come back to her open horror show
Help, come guide me- Something I already fought- Oh yeah, I'll just get lost
How many souls have to be bought
Before this beauty in disguise is caught

© HungGarKid - all rights reserved

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