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Author: HungGarKid
Created: April 15, 2017 at 03:39 pm
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American Pride 2  

Oh that red, white, and blue
Illegal wars, the truth died when the towers blew
The media speaks, but has nothing to say
Yesterdays promises are forgotten for the day- tomorrow they always say
The American dream is a web of lies
Oh, that good old American pride

Land of the rich, home of the greedy
Politicians fail- blame it on the needy- it's just too damn easy
The rich vs the poor- it's time to pick a side
Oh, that good old American pride

Riots in the cities, blood in the streets
Follow the cries- figure out where yesterday and tomorrow meets
Reality t.v has taken over the presidents seat
Sweet American pie, hidden in the clouds of the fourth of July
Oh, that good old American pride

American the insane- Oh yeah, we're so vain
Blame it on the middle east- even though we're responsible for their pain
Oil gained- yeah, more of the same
Drone strikes, children dying- Bullets loading, parents crying
Graves full of no names- the day freedom came
Dark clouds hovering above, as the truth slowly dies
Oh, that good old American pride

Humanity has taken a backseat- yeah, it's lost
Steal and kill- get rich at any cost
Because the rules do not apply when you're the boss
The Eagle is falling- The statue of liberty slowly melting
Oh yeah, watch as they collide
Oh, that good old American pride

When will it change- how much is too much
When is enough, enough- it's written in the sky above
CEO's ripping of their employees
The middle class is a distant memory
The truth hides behind all those lying eyes
Land of the free as we pick and choose who's allowed entry and who we deny
This is the day freedom died- Oh, that good old American pride

America can be great- we all hold that key
A nation of diversity- that's how it should be
A country addicted to greed and fame- Oh yeah, we're all impaired
Please America, swallow your pride
Oh yeah, the good old American lie

© HungGarKid - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This is a political statement against the current administration, as well as today's society and the fucked values and greed of today. The old saying, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, has never been more true than now. This country is heading in the wrong direction, denying climate change and not raising the minium wage. Politicians only help their pockets, the rich, and the lobbyist. It's a shame, we are no longer the greatest country on earth.

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November 14, 2017
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"Because the rules do not apply when you're the boss"

Oh, how sadly true. A lesson we all need to come to learn, the sooner the better.

That entire stanza, by the way, was pretty spectacular. Strong, potent visuals, such as a melting statue of liberty. Also, I do appreciate the nod to what really happened to the Towers, earlier in your poem.

I hope you still intend to write here. Your voice is needed and appreciated. Certainly by someone like me.

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April 15, 2017
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Sounds familiar
Did Noam Chomsky help you write this?

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