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Author: Silverblue
Created: April 15, 2017 at 06:52 pm
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It Started With A Tap  

We used to spin our vinyl
Recorded tapes we'd play
Top forty on the weekend
Pass the afternoon away

Sony had it's Walkman
A brilliant invention
Technophobes sit pretty
But I miss things on reflection

It all seemed very different then
No I-Pads, Android Phones
I'm sounding like a grandpa
Who got himself the moans

It isn't really that at all
Progress has it's might
So easy to connect, to browse
And of course that's quite alright

But mp3 and YouTube rule
The eighties and nineties went
It's pricy to keep with the modern times
All that money that I spent

Minidiscs and CD players
Portable of course
An era that has had it's day
Now we seek an alternative source

Apple Macs, and laptops
Tablets made a noise
Mobiles have it all these days
Ideal for girls or boys

And I think that there's no going back
Yes it's possible to do
Spin that vinyl, play that tape
If you're really wanting to

Retro day? Maybe once a year?
To remind us of the past
But in truth it's mostly left behind
It's moment couldn't last

It's easier now, touchscreen life
The whole world in your lap
The future changed, it's hard to ignore
That it started with a tap.

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April 22, 2017
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I have a large vinyl collection I kept as well as tapes. I have the entire concert Live Aid on tape from back in the 80's. I had a music system so sensitive that if electronic drums were played they would disappear but put on a Beethoven or Mozart and the thunder was spectacular. Fortunately for me I still have that system it just needs some kind repair. The treasures from the 30's through the 60's were spectacular and UNDERSATNDABLE! It may have started with a tap but that only added to my choices. All I need to do is try to figure it out! All the best.

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April 20, 2017
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is wonderful, and reading your words i could once again smell the vinyl and see the turntable..i could even take myself back to jiving in the dance hall in my mini skirt...haha..wonderful days they were, so carefree and happy.Thank you ♫ SL

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April 17, 2017
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Better than nothing, I suppose, but music playing from phones and tablets is a weak substitute for the rich, lush, encompassing sound that emanates from a sound system of
quality speakers.

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April 17, 2017
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Ah, those magical
hoof beats of yesteryear, and the long held prime: Let's go home, and spin some records!

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