A Poem by ladyofgrace

Author: ladyofgrace
Created: April 20, 2017 at 05:47 pm
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When Morning Comes

So soft you lay me down to sleep without a single keep
 and yet the only thing I willingly afugue are dreams
 that insipirate my soul in splitting second roll,
 no mountain climber stunt am I
 no rubble saver this old fly
 So soft you lay me down in single bound and leap;

When morning comes it finds me naked at her feet
 shivering like a a day old paraclete
 and as the veils of yonder part my hopes
 no fantasy does grip
 this fast denialed slip
 When morning comes it finds me naked at her feet;

The such as such of trees have not said much
 outside my window, they are culprits too
 banging hard against the glass a third eye for an I
 I cannot change the view
 it's nothing new
 The such as such of trees have not said much

so far...

Mystic rRse
 April 17 2017

© ladyofgrace - all rights reserved

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