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Author: odinroark
Created: April 20, 2017 at 08:52 pm
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Untethered Saneness

Untethered Saneness
by Odin Roark

How elusive the quest.
to place oneself in sync,
wavelength to wavelength,
response to rebuttal.

So many agendas beg ignoring,
those places where integrity threatened,
remains ever cautious,
where job,
eye contact,
all the fantasized togetherness,
where portending confirmation of truth
often leads to merely layered fears
forged with its companion, distrust.

For lest we forget.
there are very few answers preferred of
rationality or reason.

Even as schemes know no boundaries,
the road signs always offer direction
to those of yearning,
sadly facilitating few of need,
still, guide posts remain available.

Such goes the phenomenon of plans,
diagramed life,
representation of what might be,
but rarely is,
what is intrinsically longed for,
yet seemingly uncatchable,
like forever morphing mercury.


So desperate are many,
clutching to random connection,
often without rationale,
that attention from others
is embraced as self-realization.

Perhaps a venture off the beaten path,
a bushwhack through the untrammeled direction
might deserve consideration,
where revisiting the child within,
where infant outbursts conveyed rudimentary logic,
where diaper rash urgency,
void of language,
save scream and cry,
defined simple organics…

A voicing in search of form.

As difficult as it might be to remember this,
time’s simplistic message
reaches back toward the dawn of man,
when primitive bone and stone drummed the truth of need.

when duplicity hadn’t been invented,
when progress was preserved by raw honest instinct.


Actuality is an endangered principal.
Our civilized regression,
this guised-in-furtherance flight
toward make-believe escape
has jettisoned logic into the abyss of ignorance,
manipulating instead today’s lie of norm
into modern truth.

The hunt will continue
beneath self-created imprisonment
to find that somewhere yet to objectify itself,
that place where slumber’s intrinsic reasoning
kept safe by nature’s heartbeat
requires nothing but simple acceptance
of that known simply as
ever available—truth.

With so little time…

Searching minds continue
trusting consciousness will prevail,
even allowing occasional laughter
along the path where delusions entertain…

Our untethered saneness.

© odinroark - all rights reserved

Author Notes

If only we were of more learned knowledge regarding mind and heart harmony.  Unfortunately, we find it difficult to maintain one’s sanity in such an overbearing world.

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