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Author: michaelgallatin
Created: April 21, 2017 at 09:55 am
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I figured out why people are so messed up
and it's because we're complicated.
Sadly at quite a young age
that's the way are minds are fated.

A little boy bites his tongue while he's eating
and cries because he's hurt.
A little girl is upset when she's overpowered
and falls down in the dirt.

The same small  boy just laughs and laughs
when he's tickled and he's squeezed.
The same tiny girl giggles and smiles
as she is gently teased.

But an older boy is berated
for not listening to his dad.
So he yells back he's not heard either
and, you know, I find that sad.

Because what was once so nice and simple
has now been thought out more.
And by so doing there's something lost
way down deep at your soul's core.

The easiness of childhood
now must give way to adult.
And unfortunately too much thinking
somehow changes what's just felt!

Michael "Growing Up Has Some Sadness!" Gallatin

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Author Notes

All this actually happened at a combination Easter and birthday party celebration with my family. The birthday was my granddaughter, Lilliana, who turned two a couple of days before Easter. The two boys are her cousins Brodin (about one and a half) and Austin (about  five). So it's Lilliana in lines four and six, Brodin in lines three and five and Austin in lines seven and eight. And as I watched this play out I thought of how quickly we learn to think as an adult rather than just experiencing the feeling. How it all becomes bogged down by experience, all the ways of looking at it, blaming others, etc. It becomes complicated and in a way I find that sad though it is part of growing up. So much of the real feeling becomes muddled by overthinking it. Hence I wrote this poem which I hope you enjoyed!

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April 21, 2017
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I'd agree with the essence and message of this poem - Adults do tend to overthink things in comparison to a child or maybe a mind that thinks like a child. Perhaps it's because of worrying of what the repercussions could be, or worrying what others may think. Of course this doesn't apply in all cases, but it can do a lot of the time for sure. Good poem this - which many could relate to. I enjoyed this one.

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