A Poem by odinroark

Author: odinroark
Created: May 02, 2017 at 09:08 pm
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        by Odin Roark

He sees the journey endless,
yet knows well there will be an ending.

He senses the other side of his heart,
that way station of life
where respite follows getting beyond
yesterday’s surprising  betrayal of beauty and pleasure.

Perplexed with what to do,
he rejects conceding to finality,
believing there’s more.

After all…

Who will hear the melodies like him,
one’s metronomic pulse rising and falling,
hear rainbow vibrations
atop a sparrow’s whistling breeze,
smell the freedom of flowers
opening with dawn’s fraternal light,
or taste longevity’s savory consciousness,
touch the anxious brush-strokes of dreams
still seeking canvas?


Aware the final movement
of life’s symphony inexorable,
his spirit soars above the clouds
not yet willing to embrace
death’s air of finality

Patience smiles.

How fortunate.

Another updraft greets him.

© odinroark - all rights reserved

Author Notes

With so many ways to deal with the end,
perhaps it a saving grace to imagine tenacity beyond the obvious. (Image by pinterest)

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