A Poem by fraido

Author: fraido
Created: May 18, 2017 at 04:59 pm
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Category: Humor | Cultural | General/Other
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Select your floor,
squeezing past all the others.
Bodily odours begin to smother,
your lungs as they gasp,
for fresh air to breathe.
"Get out of my space!"
you inwardly plea.
Nudges, pushes,
testing your patience.
Oh for a place a little more spacious.
Do they only make elevators in "tiny,"
For the claustrophobic massichistic, madfolk.

Royalty'd never choose,
this form of travel.
All squashed in together,
the posh with the rabble.
No ettiquite, social norm,
rule books to follow.
Get in, choose a floor,
a mircrocosmic fiasco.
Is that a real person,
who recites words that proper,
as she counts out the floors,
like a Queen to us paupers.

"Just take the stairs, and don't be so whiny!"
That's what you're thinking,
and not to unwisely.
I would,
but in this fast food world that's called lazy,
by floor two I'd be gasping,
my eyesight all hazy.
If I made it to five, by giving my best,
The most I could hope for?
Cardiac, arrest!

So I'll slum with my fellow,
unhealthy companions,
as I vertically travel,
with reckless abandon,
and I'll try not to punch the chap from floor seven,
who's rucksack swung round & wiped out my mate Kevin.
Left a wife, a dog,
two cats, a gerbil,
and two teeth on the carpet
(a horrible purple).
I'll pray for the day,
I can work down below,
and travel to work in,
a small bungalow!

© fraido - all rights reserved

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May 18, 2017
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This is very cleverly put together with some excellent imagery. Quite a unique style of writing in many regards, but has much appeal in my opinion. It flows nicely, and has something relatable about it in regards the subject matter, yet still has plenty to make the reader smile about along the way. I liked this one - so thanks for an enjoyable read.

Thanks again. This was a fun one to write and challenging to keep the flow while telling the story and getting the rhyme right.

 fraido replied on May 19, 2017

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