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Author: JoanDZombie2RC
Created: May 18, 2017 at 11:20 pm
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My Lemon Harth (Ha Ha!)  

You are going into my lemon grove by yourself-
Don't stumble upon a random lemon grove.
There is a mass grave on a boat with no railings 
in the middle of a massive whirl pool of sour lemonade

     The owner of the lemon grove is a horrible horrible liar-
and she is sexy- shes a sexy liar
(I just wrote that about me) (I just wrote what I'm seeing now)

I looked up sniffed the air...and got out of my boat (ha ha!)
 someone came to devastate my mind 
I didn't have to worry...there was only one. 
      In the background I saw the other bitch on wheels- rollerblades
The defense of my acid snakes caught the eye of my third opponent-

     I swung in on my rope and told her she was angelic and classy-
and I pushed her in to the boat (that I knew had a hole in it) and sent her down a different direction that I had come from...down a swamp of sugary yellow (bye bye!)
her face disappearing in the mist- foiled again...

As for the last two, one held on-
one held on strung in a tree like a puppet

     The bitch tried rolling away- she tripped on lemons and broke her nose backing up... her sword still in hand barely in grip anymore and a bump on her forehead...

     There WAS time to put a "DO NOT ENTER" sign after exploring a dangerous place-
she couldn't stop...she was destined to destroy something she thought didn't matter...

     I climbed down the ladder and hit the "puppet"
a few good whacks making her sign red and attaching old lemons to her laceration-

     The sweet expedition ditched them all...

Too bad no sugar cane was thought of by the trail blazer to win your crusade...

     Sucks for you!

Some say there was a fourth...just waiting out there... 


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Author Notes

You will only understand this poem if you read "My Boat (Ha Ha!) and
"My Mass Grave (Ha Ha!) so if you ha already read this poem it will be even more entertaining to read those two (comment and get extra points!) anyways this poem is supposed to be about me being in the lemon grove calm but ready to reject anything that will invade my space...this poem also has a lot of metaphors so don't take everything seriously for what is says...try to figure out its hidden meaning...I urge you that when you figure out what I mean while your reading please write it in the comments...also this is how I would probably relay the story poem this to someone else... and yes this is supposed to be a story on how I won...

One was a "puppet"- One held on
and the first one was my third opponent...

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Comments & Reviews

May 20, 2017
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It was an interesting poem, very muchly appreciated. Look forward to more of your work

Cool! read "My Boat (ha Ha!) and then "My Mass Grave (ha ha!) and you can understand this poem better!! I will read yours too!!!

 JoanDZombie2RC replied on May 20, 2017

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