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Hymn To The Setting Sun  

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Hera-ek, anet,
aa Ra,
hetep-ek em khut
amentet ent pet,
em ruha.

Pau aarut khet,
ha-ek, en umet
en tu ent Manu
em ses-nek, her-ma,
her sati, em pa ta.

Akhem-ek ben seset;
au-ek er tetta.

Ta-ek sesep en enti
em kekui ent Amenti.

Emkhet eref pest-ek en
nebu tuat, hement-sen neteru
nima hemsu em qubu;
netem abu-sen,
sehet-ek sen usekhetu;
uben-ek sen khuu,
en satut-ek em herau.  

Paut em-kher hesu
seten en Ausar,
heq en tetta,
neb en Re-stau,
er ankhiu en Aaru.

Tua, aa Ra,
Seten neteru,
neb ent sebau. 


English translation

To the, homage,
O great Ra,
when thou setteth
on the horizon
western of heaven,
at eventide.

The doors close,
behind thee, in the gateway
of the Mountain of Manu, 
after thou hast passed, forthwith,
over the threshold, from the world.

Thy fire is not extinguished;
thou art for eternity.

Thou giveth thy radiance on those
in the darkness of the underworld.

After thou hast shone upon
the lords of the netherworld,  42 gods
who sit in the shadows;
glad are their hearts,
as thou lighteth up their halls;
you raise up their spirits,
for thy rays are in their faces.

The company are among the favoured
chosen by Osiris,
Lord of eternity,
Lord of Rostau,
to dwell in paradise.

Praised be, O great Ra,
King of the gods,
Lord of the stars.

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Author Notes

This is my companion piece to the Hymn To The Rising Sun. Once again, I have drawn inspiration from the Theban Book of The Dead.  

Amentet/Amenti - as the underworld was thought to lie in the west, the words were used for both the afterlife place and direction. The Halls of Amenti were where the souls of the departed were judged by Osiris as King of the Underworld. Their hearts were weighed against the feather of Maat (truth and justice). 

Duat/Tuat was another name for the realm of the dead. By ''lords of the underworld" and "42 gods", I am referring to the divine council who advised Osiris in the Halls of Amenti.

Aaru - the fields of Aaru (Sekhet Aaru) were where the blessed souls dwelt, having been proven ''justified'' when their hearts were weighed against Maat.

Manu - In Egyptian mythology this was the western mountain behind which the sun (Ra) was believed to set. The eastern mountain was called Bakhu. The hieroglyph (djeu) shows two peaks with a valley between. Each peak was guarded by a lion (the east-west lion glyph is 'aker').

Rostau - the place we now know as Giza, where the pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, and the Sphinx, are. The name means "gateway of the passages of the tomb".

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Comments & Reviews ( X 6)

May 25, 2017
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I prefer your Rising Sun poem as I am a morning person. So I find the words more uplifting. The Egyptians loved their imagery - two mountains, with gates, guarded by lions, on opposite horizons! I would like to see the sun enter and leave the world like that, as it would be more interesting than it simply rising and setting every day Have you thought of writing a story based on this idea??

Cheers. Justin


Actually, my friend, I prefer that poem too. As, like you, I am a ''morning person", and seem to be ''up with the larks" more and more these days. They certainly did have an interesting way of looking at life and the world, and, of course, concepts of the afterlife. The Theban Book of The Dead varies version to version, but the basic beliefs remain consistent. Btw, I have thought of doing so, though whether I would try to be ambitious enough to attempt it in Ancient Egyptian is another matter....

Namaste, Alex. 

 ALEXJLOCKWOOD replied on May 26, 2017

May 22, 2017
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This write complements you first Egyptian piece very well. I like the idea of the Sun rising via a gate in one mountain, crossing the heavens, then setting via a gate in the other one. And each guarded by a lion too! Then the Sun lights the underworld at night, to re-emerge the next day! The Egyptians seem to have quite a fascinating and visual mythology, don't they?

Best wishes, Anna x


I have revised the two Hymns so they are more in keeping with one another. The eastern and western mountains with gates are certainly one way to explain how the sun seems to appear each dawn, and disappear each evening! And I love the way that the sun lights the underworld when we mortals are plunged into darkness at night. They had a very visual way of looking at life and the universe, certainly. And they were the only culture of the ancient Near East that turned writing into an art form.

Namaste, Alex. 

 ALEXJLOCKWOOD replied on May 24, 2017

May 20, 2017
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
It is often said that life is a lesson, and I am learning a great deal from reading your work. Especially about you as a person. You are clearly very spiritual and an ''old soul''. You say you have never been to Egypt. Maybe you have. Just not in this life - as I recall you mentioned that you believe in reincarnation. I am not sure about that myself, but am prepared to keep an open mind. That said, this 'companion piece' complements well your 'Hymn to the Rising Sun'.

Take care, Matt.


Friends and work colleagues keep hinting that I should take up teaching. But, I feel, my classes  - on any subject that interests me - would most likely over-run somewhat. I wouldn't know what to leave out! I am sure I have mentioned it on W/N somewhere.... I have always tried to be open-minded, but my mind seems to be a little to 'open' at times, as I try to take in as much as I can!  

Thank you very much, my friend. Namaste, Alex.

 ALEXJLOCKWOOD replied on May 22, 2017

You would be a natural in that area, Alex. I can just see on a door: 'Prof. Lockwood'. But what subject indeed, as you have so many interests, mate! Cheers. Matt

 MySongStar replied on May 27, 2017


Thank you, Matt. Mmmm...it would be hard to choose. But, most likely something historical. Then I would have to decide which culture or which period or both! 

Namaster. AL.

 ALEXJLOCKWOOD replied on May 29, 2017

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