A Poem by Coronaboy

Author: Coronaboy
Created: May 19, 2017 at 09:05 pm
Upload Type: Poem, M (16+)  
Category: Love | Relationships | Free Verse
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One Last Attempt  

In my eyes, you have nothing to prove
Your beauty is both, inside and out
Never be ashamed to be who you are
Your flaws will never push me away
If you could only see it from my side
You would never have to ask me why

Your long brown hair, gorgeous as ever
That smile, it always brings me to my knees
The sound of your voice, it's comforting
Your impact on me, it's more than you know
If only I could get through to you, to make you see
I want you so bad, that I can't stop thinking about you

I keep going through my mind, trying to figure it out
What is it that I'm doing wrong, what is it that I'm saying
I just can't understand this, at times I feel like I'm not enough
It's like you're pushing me away, yet I've done nothing to hurt you
Please understand that I'm fragile, but willing to take a chance
Just know that I'm always there for you, I'll never break that promise

If you could take a little time, to think about all of this and hear me out
Understand just how much I care, how much love I have, respect as well
You might find it in your heart, to give me a chance, and let me get close to you
I would never hurt you, would never run out on you, I would never disrespect you
You have to understand, I'm crazy about you... in a romantic/loving kind of way
Please don't ignore this, please don't let this go without a though, this took a lot

© Coronaboy - all rights reserved

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