A Poem by TaroHiryu

Author: TaroHiryu
Created: October 18, 2017 at 06:59 pm
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Honest World  

Oh, Honest World, I said
Why is it You we Dread
Why do we Fear what's Different
Instead of what's Present

Why is it the light that we dwell in
When we are bred from the Darkness

Oh, I've the Faith, and yes it's True
I've seen what It can Do to You
And We
All Think
We're Right

Oh we've cheated, ran, hid, and lied
We've Cheated through Our Broken Lies
The Honest

There's fighting & there's war
And through Our Struggles
We have Won
Yet We Regret it When we're Done
There's darkness, & there's Evil
That we turn away at Sight
Yet We Embrace it in The night
There's Sorrow & there's Pain
That think we've never heard
And yet we make it with a Word

And it all starts with a thought.

Oh, Honest World,
I look in the Mirror and I say:
There Is no Hope for You
And that's the truth.


Oh, Troubled Minds
She said
It is not Me You dread
You do Not fear
The violence
Nor Do You fear
The darkness
It's not a fear, in fact
It is a Truth

The Truth You Speak
Lies in You

Oh, I've Seen You Ways, And yes it's True
I've seen what it can Do to You
You Always
A Way

Oh, You Sing and Dance, you Move and Write
You Find the Wonders of the Night
Will be
The Day

There's Mountains & there's Seas
That You were never supposed to Find
And yet You tamed it through the Blind
There's Freedom & there's Change
That no one Ever should have Heard
And yet You Made it with a Word
There's Wonders Beyond Me
That I could never Imagine
Yet you seem to Imagine
It All

And it all starts with a thought.

Oh, Curious Minds
I look at you and I say:

I know there's hope for you
And you're the proof.

© TaroHiryu - all rights reserved

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November 14, 2017
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Poignant words, as the truth always is; coming at us with a very poetic touch.

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