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Author: chrisjtinenuwan
Created: November 14, 2017 at 10:53 am
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A War Victim's Lament  

What were you thinking, Brother
When you destroyed our homes with bombs,
When the once peaceful streets was filled with cries of the innocent
Were you happy? 
When our once beautiful city,
Turned into an ugly place,
Its streets covered in blood, its residents broken,
Did you rejoice?
When you heard the children cry for their parents,
When mothers shed tears for their family
When fathers screamed for their daughters and sons taken by the war
Did you watch with glee?
Oh, Brother,
You do not look so different from us,
We are of the same country,
We grew up in the same land,
Your skin is as brown as mine,
We might have shared the same ancestors
And their blood runs thick in our veins,
Yet, you destroyed our homeland,
You hurt our countrymen,
And orphaned our children,
How was it that your heart did not break?
The only reason you give is because we have different beliefs
But what does it matter if
You're a Muslim and I'm a Christian,
It does not even matter if we are Buddhist or Hindu or Atheist,
In the end we are all humans,
Sharing the same world, breathing the same air,
Is it not enough to unite us?
Why don't we look at similarities instead of differences?
Oh, Brother,
Now the war is over,
But the damage is done,
Life will never be the same again
Oh, Brother, wherever you are
Are you satisfied with what you have done?
Are you happy with your god?

© chrisjtinenuwan - all rights reserved

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December 04, 2017
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Very well written and so true. This earth is drowning in an ocean of blood. How can we save it from destruction

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November 24, 2017
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Wolf or husky?
Whichever, it's a beautiful animal! Mine is very definitely a wolf. Your poem is magnificent and heart-wrenching, so true and so sad. Two very minor things I noticed - you want "were filled" in Line 3 and "their families" in Line 10. The overall poem is brilliant and the repetition of "brother" is skillful and meaningful. In my own life I have gone from Protestant to Agnostic to Spiritualist/Humanist. And in that journey I came to see that all religions believe in a supreme being or supreme beings and to be decent to your follow man. In other words that there is some sort of a benign (and hopefully loving) higher power and we are all in this together. Even were there no god or gods, wouldn't it be more intelligent to get along rather than to kill eachother? Sadly it appears we missed that logic! A fine poem and one I wish that I had written, spotlight worthy!


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November 14, 2017
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I feel very emotional while reading this poem,
it truly depicts the laments of war, how it destroys us
and affect our very being.

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November 14, 2017
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It's terrible, always, the toll of war. The cost is never worth the perceived gain. Many are moved by men behind podiums, whom are moved by dollars behind the scenes. We, when warriors or cheerleaders, are convinced that we're fighting for something more than the monetary gains and desire for control by the few.

Or, sometimes, we know we're fighting for selfish causes, not realizing in either case that we're just pawns. And, in such acts, all the death and suffering we help cause.

 lyrycsyntyme replied on November 14, 2017

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