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Author: chrome
Created: November 15, 2017 at 12:05 am
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I'am a dreamer who dreams of the impossible,
thinking only about reverie and the plausible.

I'am a dreamer who never knew nightmare,
escaping whenever things got complicatedly bare.

I'am a dreamer who stays and never leave,
even though everyone had left.

I'am a dreamer whose innocence has long been gone,
ripped off by the society's bygone.

I'am a dreamer who only believe at the beautiful lie 
and never know about the painful truth.

I'am a dreamer who lives up in the clouds,
who never knew what's on the ground.

I'am a dreamer who flew too close to the sun, 
hurled and burned down to the ground.

I'am a dreamer who lays beneath the abyss
reaching out for something that my hands should meet.

I'am a dreamer who was criticize, for what I'am, 
for who I'am and for whatever I will become.

I'am a dreamer who dwells on the reluctant things,
thoughts have been caged and never engaged.

I'am a dreamer who got lost on its way,
waiting for the opportunity of the lifetime.

I'am a dreamer who contemplates at the 
possibilities that something must be done.

I'am a dreamer who once dreamed of once upon a time
and look forward to the happily ever after, but never
anticipate whatever happen in between.

I'am a dreamer  who writes this poem,
hoping that it would reach out to you.

I'am a dreamer and this must be a Déjà vu.

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Author Notes

HI!!! Its been so long ever since I submit a writing entry, anyways I need your thoughts for this poem that I wrote. I'll be glad to hear anything from you. 


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November 18, 2017
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I like the theme and direction of your poem : ) It's so tempting to get for ever lost in the imagination, with the imaginary world being capable of busting our chains and limitations, giving us seeming control beyond anything that exists in the real world. But, of course, what of the real world while we're spending all of our time in dreams? What of the dreams that actually could have been? And, does the statue left standing out in the rain not erode, whether we imagine it does or not? Yea, for sure, we have to be wide awake often. Our burden is also our real, wonderfully chiseled story.

Some thoughts for the scheme of your poem. The pairing works very well. I'd love to see you maintain it for the stanza where you speak of the happily ever after. Also, in the previous stanza, I think that moving "possibilities" into the first verse might work better. The last verse, though, works perfectly as a single line. It's a very nice finishing touch.

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November 15, 2017
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