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Author: matelotrod
Created: November 18, 2017 at 09:22 am
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Hip Makes me Slip  

Hip Makes me slip

I guess it is part of aging that will often cause you to trip
What was a stride is now a wobble due to my dodgy hip
I set out for a walk in the country just a healthy little stroll
After a mile my hip gave way and pain started taking its toll 

I've had all manner of treatment and just between you and me
I wasn't impressed with the medical act known as physiotherapy
I was given an adjustable walking stick to help me negotiate a path
But after trying to use it I felt my physio nurse was having a laugh 

I eventually made it to the hospital where I had an X-ray and a scan
The staff were very friendly vowing to help in any way they can
I was turned upside down and sideways when I heard them declare
I think this man is wasting our time It's just fare wear and tear. 

I still wobble when I'm walking sometimes I have a deadly stagger
Sleep at night is dreadful my hip feels it has been struck by a dagger
I must carry on with life and try to address my pain with mirth
I suppose it's only natural, the proof will be in your date of birth. 

Rod broomham (c)






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Author Notes

Age takes no prisoners

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December 09, 2017
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Time of life!
With a mindset like yours my dearest friend you'll sail through life with flying colours! Keep it up. A credit to Er indoors, to your readers and to your dear self! Not everyone can take the ageing process on the chin like you have done in this piece. Let that ink flow, flow, flow!

Sorry that I missed this Kitty, another age problem!! I love your expression "My dearest friend" it gives a person an even bigger reason for taking it on the chin. Bless you for your comments Kitty. Take care     Rod.

 matelotrod replied on December 27, 2017

November 23, 2017
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Sorry about the pain, old mate. Probably the best relief can come from a bottle (not liniment).

One of the most admirable properties you have Richard is sensible advice. You always proscribe the best cure i.e. Liquid against liniment. I'm happy to accept your suggestion. As the Christmas prices of Whiskey have dropped considerably pain has become non-existent. Great to hear from you again, I have joined allpoetry and I am slowly getting along with a bit of a struggle (I put that down to age!) As for the Hip this is based on fact but I will eventually get a replacement. Pity that didn't apply to other parts! Take care Old Mate Rod.

 matelotrod replied on November 24, 2017

November 19, 2017
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Time, O Time
Beneath the humorous presentation, I sense the genuine discomfort. Old age is not for sissies.

You've sensed correctly John, old age is to blame, also some of it must be due to the way I have abused my body over the years!! Good to be back with WN again, just pray that we are not expelled again. Take care and take care of the body.    Rod.

 matelotrod replied on November 20, 2017

November 19, 2017
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I absolutely love this piece. Yes, it's a work of art, but it's truth to so many people. I'm sorry they blew you off, even normal wear and tear can be treated with a sensitive heart.

Glad you enjoyed it, pain is something we have to expect as we grow older I suppose. I have been going downhill health wise at a perfectly normal rate and it is something that we have to take on the Nose. As long as we can say we have had a good life I guess that is natures intention. Heck I feel another poem coming on.     Thanks for your review     Rod.

 matelotrod replied on November 20, 2017

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