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Author: PRO Malpa
Created: November 25, 2017 at 10:32 pm
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"and the angels sang"  

I'm not a believer anymore
but last night,
I heard angels sing.

I hear them in birdsong,
or feel them in a stirring breeze,
or see them in a starry sky.

But last night
they were in a cathedral,
all grey sandstone
ornate woodwork
and stained 
glass ,
made flat and colourless
against the night sky outside.

Not my usual choice
any more
for sensing
sense beyond mind,
for experiencing
manifestations of deity.

But I felt …
no longer the unbeliever
that I've become.

Every valley shall be exalted,
a virgin shall conceive,
the eyes of the blind shall be opened …

The voices soared
to the arches above,
hung on the still spring air,
and reached
into the very soul
of my being.

I'm not a believer anymore
but last night
I heard angels sing.

Reflection on hearing the Adelaide Chamber Singers "Messiah"
in St.Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide, South Australia - November 2017.

© Malpa - all rights reserved

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November 28, 2017
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Honest and pure!
One of the things I like the most is the honesty right from the start. The "I'm not a believer anymore" yet somehow this touched me and did so deeply and profoundly. In my life I've gone from Protestant to Agnostic to Spiritualist/Humanist so the feeling expressed here rings very true for me. Last year I was sadly estranged from my family for three months and living in Maryland. It wasn't all bad though. One evening I went to a Moon Goddess presentation. Most but not all was American Indian themed and it was fantastic, an ethereal and shared experience. I do believe that I felt close to "God" at that time, much closer than usual. So yes, your poem comes to me loud and clear and SL worthy. You are lucky to have had this fine experience!


Thank-you Michael. We appear to have a lot in common, albeit in two different countries. I started life as a child of protestant (non-conformist Baptist) missionaries working with indigenous people in the Australian outback. In adult-hood I spent a lot of years as a teacher and school principal-administrator in or supporting indigenous schools. It took me until I was 60 to find my way to what I fondly called Christian Humanism (actually agnosticism I guess).Now, some 17 years later, I feel comfortable and blessed with where I am. Along the way I have been strongly influenced by indigenous spirituality. About 20 years ago I wrote myself a "creed". Each year I revisit it, fine-tuning and altering it. I find that a valuable exercise. Again - Thank you - another kindred spirit in Writers Network.

  Malpa replied on November 28, 2017

November 27, 2017
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I love the concept, it's clearly tapping into a very real experience, but one that is fresh and rare. Some powerful descriptiveness well put into play in portraying the feeling and the environment. Most notable to me being "the voices soared to the arches above, hung on the still spring air, and reached into the very soul of my being."

The only area I could see poem being further advanced would be to give it a bit more of a flow. It reads more as a series of short, connected poems than as one piece. Perhaps that was the intention?

Regardless, the message was delivered and received in a way that drew this reader into it.

Thank you lyrycsyntyme (I notice that you are a John as I am too). Both your praise and constructive criticism are encouraging to me.

  Malpa replied on November 27, 2017

November 26, 2017
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Spiritual Experience
This offering describes one of those elevated moments when something beyond the material world appears through an uplifting experience. The poet indicates that he had previously had intimations of such things through nature, but this particular moment was brought on by the music of Handel. The inference is that the spiritual world is always within us, but sometimes great art can bring our attention to it and make it real for us. Perhaps that is a sign that we should train ourselves to keep attuned to the world's beauties instead of being distracted by the humdrum and the downright ugly. Good work.

Thank you John. I really appreciate these "long distance" discussions that we have. I sense a kindred spirit.

  Malpa replied on November 27, 2017

November 26, 2017
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wow! I really enjoyed this piece! Very lovely and it captured me and didn't let go! Please keep up the great work! I will be back to read more!

Thank you for your encouragement. I really value it.

  Malpa replied on November 26, 2017

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