A Poem by shar1968

Author: shar1968
Created: November 29, 2017 at 05:08 am
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Category: Philosophy | General/Other | Nature
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Beautiful nature,

Sensible mind,

Make miracle.

© shar1968 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

It is a small and meaningful poem made with six words.

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January 03, 2018
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Very short and...
simply said. Yet in simplicity one can sometimes find the profound. Many years ago my college roommate and best friend wrote; "Life, with time, is a puddle muddled in, come wade." I have always loved the simple yet deep beauty in these few words. I find this piece to be similar. A lot said in just six words. And in this often crazy world if we can keep our minds sensible and our natures beautiful it is a miracle. Also a miracle to honor Nature which often we don't do well. Loving people as I do all I would add to this is either "be kind" or "be loving".



Thank you for comments and review. Thanks poet michaelgallatin!

 shar1968 replied on February 10, 2018

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