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L.O.T.J.L Ep 24: The Earth-Suturing Seeds



The architects and builders of the kingdom of Gaeia had gathered together. Analysis had commenced on all buildings in the kingdom. Buildings on the verge of collapse were pulled down. Stronger buildings had their key supporting pillars enforced. Then the architects and builders sat together with Jo-lan to begin discussions on how to replace the torn down buildings. Meanwhile, the efforts had begun to restore the kingdom’s forest life. Many trees were planted and this continued ceaselessly.

It was around this time that Josec and the others were preparing to leave for the continent of Gaeia with the Earth-Suturing Seeds. The architects commenced their discussions. They realized that they essentially needed two things. The first thing they needed were building materials that were strong enough to resist the quakes and yet light enough such that collapses caused by the quakes would not be fatal. They also needed building techniques that would enforce these two factors. For a week, the architects were busy with studies into their options. The king sent for geologists and Jo-lan suggested that he send some biologists as well. Their talks were quite lively.

The biologists informed the architects of a certain kind of reed which when woven densely became as strong as a brick. The king ordered for the reeds to be supplied them from the continent of Avalon. Now the reeds were woven into bricks and the architects had the materials they needed. Next, they needed to discuss the sort of building technique to employ.

They studied the collapsed buildings.

“Look at the size of those rocks! Each chunk is so large, it’s no wonder people are killed whenever there is a collapse” one geologist noted.

“But if we could control a collapse such that smaller chunks of bricks fall, we could protect many lives!” one architect suggested and discussions resumed.

“I have an idea. Why don’t we build in such a way that each block is considered as an individual unit even after construction is completed? That way, when a quake occurs, only blocks severely affected will collapse, instead of large chunks at a time” one architect suggested.

“You mean, we should build connecting the blocks as separate parts of a whole, almost like a hive?” another architect added.

“Do you think it’s possible?” a geologist added.

“If we’ve considered it, it can be done. It will need a bit of experimentation though” another architect said.

So came the phase of experimentation. A lot of this phase was based on trial and error and the architects, geologists and biologists experimented with miniaturized buildings. They found a way to connect the blocks without binding them inseparably to one another. Then they constructed with blocks bonded inseparably to one another.

Next came the stress testing. They hammered the miniature buildings with every intention of tearing them down. They observed and came to the realization that the bricks bonded inseparably to one another collapsed in larger chunks while those created as separate parts of a whole collapsed in smaller units.

Jo-lan was amused.

“I see, so the Seventh lesson of Jo-lan and the part of the Masters’ riddle about separate yet whole hold true even in architecture” he mused.

He watched everyone as they worked in harmony.

“And it looks like the worst enemy of the Earth-Shatterer, the Earth-Suturing Seeds are already in operation” he thought.

By the second week, construction had already began. The king decided to gradually phase the old buildings out while applying the new building technique to more recent buildings.



The Masters and Students thus arrived in the continent of Gaeia amidst the construction efforts and the efforts to restore the forests of Gaeia. The Masters and Students were impressed but none were as impressed with the style of architecture as Josec’s mother, Luna.

They found Jo-lan coordinating efforts to rebuild the kingdom as well as restore the forest’s life. Harry had a funny expression on his face. Josec laughed.

“I thought you’d have gotten used to this by now” he said.

“Marina once told me as I prepared to confront Anubis that none of us have ever seen Souryu battle at full strength. She said we could even consider the vision Jo-lan showed us of Souryu’s power an overly summarized abridged version. The truth is that none of us can verify the true nature of the battle against Souryu fought millennia ago but if it’s anything like what’s happening now…it’s actually amazing to think this is how Jo-lan has confronted Souryu throughout the ages” Harry said.

“I see what you mean” Josec said as his father’s final words echoed within his mind.

“Listen to me son. There are two kinds of power in this world. The Power to Destroy and the Power to Protect! Yours is not the power to destroy. You have a kind heart and abundant love within you. Let your love be your strength and never lose hope” he recalled his father’s dying words.


“It almost feels like two titans of Creation and Destruction have been clashing throughout history” Buern added.

Suddenly a bright light flashed in Josec’s mind of a boy with silver hair standing amongst some companions.

“You know Aurora…there are many variations of battle than those that are fought with a sword. The fragments of Arӓlpheisl for instance. Think how they were gathered. In the case of Sabre-fang, I fought him, then fought his poison. The battle was fought on a medical front. In terms of the Golden Drakengaӓrd, I fought the hatred of Armageddon within me with your help. It was a battle fought in my spirit. In the case of Alpha, I fought an enemy that oppressed the home I belonged to, it was fought on a militaristic front and in your case Aurora, I fell for you” the boy said.

“You sure can be funny sometimes but I see your point. There are many fronts on which to fight than a battlefield” a blonde girl with blue eyes said.

“And the Dragons might be doing this to capture them all. All those different battlefields” the boy with Silver Hair said.

Suddenly, Josec found himself in the farms aboard the Great Ship. Ryu stood before him.

“Every interest of man is a battlefield. Over the ages, Good and Evil have clashed for dominion over man’s interests for he who holds man’s interests captures man’s heart. Your enemy knows this truth rather well but so do your allies. The battle over humanity has been fought over the ages on more than just a militaristic front. It has been fought on all fronts, science, religion, philosophy…even hobbies are a few of those fronts. That is why the force known as Jo-lan informed you that great preparation is necessary to confront each of Souryu’s generals. The two forces are battling feverishly for territory, the territory called man’s heart. Souryu seeks to capture man’s heart by spreading fear and destructive ideas. Jo-lan wishes to capture man’s heart by lifting man’s spirit and presenting him with hope. By so doing, he hopes to equip mankind to stand a fighting chance against Souryu and this he knows will be achieved through creativity and a strong sense of oneness. Souryu can only be defeated once man begins to feel a strong sense of kinship for one another” Ryu said.

“I see” Josec said.

“It is a most severe battle but that is also the true significance behind Edgar Fencer’s previous attempts at suppressing Innovain’s joki in Avalon” Ryu said.

“It’s a slightly frightening thought” Josec admitted.

“But you’re doing well. I feel the Earth-Suturing Seeds are being sown” Ryu said.

“But we haven’t even began to plant them yet” Josec confessed.

“I also feel my brother’s ‘Limelight’ Protocol in effect. Either way, the Earth-Shatterer is already losing dominion” Ryu said with a smile.

Josec shut his eyes and opened them. He was once more amongst his comrades. He found Pheisl staring at him with a smile.

“This battle has greater significance than we realize” Josec said.

“Did your ‘Eye Of Heart’ tell you anything?” Master Fencer asked.

“Only that our battle is being fought on a much grander scale than we realize” Josec informed them.

Josec stared at Master Pheisl for a while and noticed a strong resemblance between him and the silver haired boy from his vision.

He did not understand how that could be possible since the boy from his vision appeared to belong to a different world entirely.

The Masters and Students approached Jo-lan.

“We brought the Earth-Suturing Seeds with us” Master Fencer said.

“That’s good. Then it is finally time to sow them” Jo-lan said.

A few of the numerous seeds were sown all around the kingdom especially at the borders of the towns and cities. The rest Jo-lan spread on the ground for the birds to eat. The birds ate the seeds and carried them all around the continent and wherever they excreted the seeds, the seeds began to take root and grow. The Earth-Suturing Seeds were rapid growing plants but their seedlings would not sprout for about a month. Their roots grew beneath the towns and cities spreading far, wide and deep till they intersected and began to create a mesh of sorts, then they dug even deeper.

It was on the second month since their planting that the seedlings sprouted and the seedlings were so tiny Josec wondered how they could become great trees.

Jo-lan smiled.

“The Earth-Suturing Seeds are not like any other plant you are familiar with. Instead of prioritizing their growth, they prioritize their ability to take root. They dig deep before they begin to shoot upwards and for a month and this is only because Jason is imbuing the ground with life and thus accelerating their growth, they remain in the ground. There is not a seedling in sight but within that month their roots have already burrowed several kilometres into the ground both in depth and width. The roots spread afar and intersect creating something quite similar to a mesh and then they burrow even deeper. It is only after they have burrowed through bedrock that they begin to sprout. From then on, you will be shocked to discover how rapidly they can grow. Give them three months more and you will be able to confront Gargolem” Jo-lan said with a confident smile.

By the time the third month had passed, the Earth-Suturing seedlings had become the size of normal fruit trees. When four months passed, they were about the height of the tallest tree in a regular forest. By the time five months had passed, they were about the height of towering baobab trees.

Josec and everyone else were shocked to discover how rapidly the Earth-Suturing Seeds had grown.

“You should learn from them Josec, things that take deep root tend to thrive much better than things with shallow roots” Jo-lan said as he pointed to the people working on the buildings as well as the restored forests. “You could probably have defeated Gargolem with brute force but how would that have helped the people here?” Jo-lan asked.

“I see, so that’s what Master Fencer meant when he said you were waging a war on three fronts” Josec said.

“The first front was to restore the forests and diminish Gargolem’s ability to harm the people through the catastrophic chain of events his quakes cause. The second front was to defeat Gargolem himself in combat and the third front…was to build up the body of the phoenix” Jo-lan said with a smile. “Four kingdoms are working together to help the kingdom of Gaeia” Jo-lan added.

“Let me see, Gaeia and Vung…you got the reeds to make the bricks from Avalon and Josec, Buern and Harry from the continent of Iron…you’re right!” Estelle exclaimed in surprise.

Master Fencer whistled.

“Impressive” Master Ayumi said.

“You sure can be scary sometimes Jo-lan” Master Kyem said.

“Well someone else pulled it off…why can’t we?” Jo-lan said as he stared intently at Master Pheisl.

Master Pheisl smiled in return.

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