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L.O.T.J.L Ep 27: Gargolem Exposed


Master Colette’s voice rang within Josec’s mind.

“Josec” she called.

“How are things on the battlefield?” Josec asked.

“Well, that Gargolem must have an incredible amount of energy if he can create and sustain this army of golems” Josec heard Master Fencer’s voice.

“Things aren’t going so well Josec. The golem army keeps multiplying in number regardless of how many we take down. We could end the battle if we could find a way to terminate Gargolem’s ability to animate these golems but right now the only way we can do this probably is to take Gargolem down. Unfortunately, since we have no way to locate him, presently we are currently at a stalemate” Master Colette said.

“I see” Josec said seriously.

“How are things in the city?” Master Colette asked.

“Did anything unusual occur in our absence?” Master Fencer’s voice rang within Josec’s mind.

“Yeah, Gargolem infiltrated the city with a golem army” Josec said.

“Don’t tell me he shattered your dome” Master Kyem said.

“No, the dome is still intact. He materialized golems within the dome but don’t worry, with Jason’s help there were no casualties. It also helped that Gargolem prioritized my destruction to harming the people” Josec said.

“But there are only two of you in there so how…?” Master Ayumi was about to ask when Master Andrea cut her off.

“Josec has inherited both the Eyes and Wings of the Phoenix. Don’t you recall the special power the Wings of the Phoenix possess?” Master Andrea asked.

“The power to make the impossible possible? I see, that explains it then” Master Ayumi said with an amused chuckle.

“So Gargolem failed huh? However Josec, I would advise you not to get comfortable just yet. Gargolem couldn’t defeat you with the army of golems that infiltrated the dome however he still has the power to materialize golems wherever there is earth and this ability of his does not seem to be limited by distance. He might attempt to infiltrate the dome again while sending an army to simultaneously attempt shattering it from the outside. We currently can’t help you because leaving the battlefield before us only increases the chances and number of golems that could attack the city and I think I said this before that we cannot afford to fight a defensive battle” Master Fencer said.

“I don’t really remember but you might have said something like that once before” Josec said with a laugh.

“Well, I’m saying it now” Master Fencer said.

“Right now Josec, you should prioritize locating Gargolem. Once you have his location, inform us. We’ll deal with him” Master Kyem said.

“Well, there is another strange thing I noticed” Josec admitted.

“What is it?” Master Fencer asked.

“Many golems infiltrated the dome but there was only one of them that spoke. It kinda felt like I was speaking directly with Gargolem but that golem was easily defeated so I doubt it was the real Gargolem. Then there is the issue with the other golems. They appeared to be coordinated by that golem however they didn’t appear to possess any intelligence of their own” Josec said.

“So what you’re trying to say is…” Master Pheisl’s voice sounded within Josec’s mind.

“Gargolem is able to animate golems wherever there is earth however to coordinate them, he needs some of his golems to act as relay points for his power?” Master Andrea asked.

Josec nodded.

“Impressive, we’d never have figured that out on our own, at least not this soon. It also presents us with an opportunity. By destroying these ‘relay’ points, we can cripple Gargolem’s army” Master Fencer said.

From that moment on, using Josec’s and Master Colette’s information, the Masters began to locate those golems hidden amongst the army that appeared to possess superior intelligence as compared to the rest of the army and they began to take them down. When each was taken down, the resultant effect was that all those golems under that golem’s control became lifeless. That increased the scale of the Masters’ actions. Now the one problem that remained was to figure out a way to cripple Gargolem’s ability to create more golems.

Josec dropped the dome long enough for Harry, Buern and Estelle to enter, then he raised it up again.

“We heard everything you told the Masters. Do you have a plan?” Buern asked.

“The greatest disadvantage for us now is time. I suspect Gargolem intends to drag this battle out till we are weakened. Once we have no way to fight back, he’ll overwhelm us. As a general honoured with the name of ‘War’, I am certain he knows that he cannot afford to be taken down with his army. Each Master has fought a general of Souryu and survived. He is currently at a disadvantage with seven of them acting together but if he can drag out the battle till we are weakened, he has a chance at beating us” Josec said.

“So you suspect Gargolem isn’t amongst his army? Then where is he?” Buern asked.

“The one place no weapon can reach. The one place no one regardless of how strong can penetrate…” Josec said as his eyes assumed the likeness of the phoenix. “I suspect he is hidden underground within the depths of the earth itself” Josec said.

“Then we have no chance of winning” Estelle said with a hopeless sigh.

“No…” Josec said. “…we’re going to drag him out” he said.

“How?” Buern asked.

“I now understand why the Earth-Suturing Seeds are the worst enemy of the Earth-Shatterer and I recall Yggdrasil’s words clearly” Josec said.

“So…you have begun to confront the seven generals of Souryu. It can only mean that if you need the ‘earth-suturing’ seeds. The ‘earth-suturing’ seeds are tools you need to confront one of Souryu’s generals, the one known as Gargolem. He is a terrifying psychorage known to cause earth-shattering quakes. To deal with him, you need a Dryad. Someone like Jason or Fleur and the ‘earth-suturing’ seeds. The earth-suturing seeds grow into trees with roots that penetrate deep into the earth and spread far and wide holding the earth firmly together like sutures. They have the power to slow down tectonic movement and thus prevent earthquakes. Battling Gargolem is like battling the earth itself and if you cannot turn the earth into an ally, it will confront you as an enemy. Sowing the earth-suturing seeds can turn the terrain to your advantage” Josec reminded everyone of Yggdrasil’s words.

“Yggdrasil said we needed the earth-suturing seeds and a Dryad. He said we needed someone like you Jason” Josec said seriously.

“I don’t see how my power is useful here” Jason admitted helplessly.

“Oh, I see!” Harry suddenly exclaimed.

“What?!” everyone except for Josec exclaimed questioningly.

“Remember what Jo-lan said about the Earth-Suturing Seeds?” Harry asked.

Everyone thought back.

“The Earth-Suturing Seeds are not like any other plant you are familiar with. Instead of prioritizing their growth, they prioritize their ability to take root. They dig deep before they begin to shoot upwards and for a month and this is only because Jason is imbuing the ground with life and thus accelerating their growth, they remain in the ground. There is not a seedling in sight but within that month, their roots have already burrowed several kilometres into the ground both in depth and width. The roots spread afar and intersect creating something quite similar to a mesh and then they burrow even deeper. It is only after they have burrowed through bedrock that they sprout. From then on, you will be shocked to discover how rapidly they can grow. Give them three more months and you will be able to confront Gargolem” everyone recalled Jo-lan’s confident smile.

They all widened their eyes in astonishment as the weight of Jo-lan’s words began to dawn on them.

The roots spread afar and intersect creating something quite similar to a mesh...a mesh is another word for a network!” Harry exclaimed in awe.

“Jason, as a Dryad, you should have the ability to communicate with plants don’t you?” Josec asked.

Jason nodded.

“My range extends as far as the branches and roots of a plant extend and if the branches and roots of a plant are in contact with those of other plants, I can communicate with them as well but if the roots of the Earth-Suturing Seeds we sowed all around Gaeia create a network, if what Jo-lan said is true, my range is virtually limitless in Gaiea!” Jason exclaimed.

“And according to Jo-lan, the roots don’t only extend in width but in depth as well” Buern added.

Jason walked to one of the Earth-Suturing Trees nearby and placed a hand on its stem. He shut his eyes and felt his psyche become one with the tree. His psyche followed the roots of the tree extending over Gaeia and deep under the Earth.

In a matter of minutes, he found…

Jason opened his eyes.

“I’ve found him. It was as you said. He’s hidden himself deep within the earth” Jason smirked. “Don’t worry Josec, communicating with trees is not all I can do…thanks to Master Pheisl’s private lessons” Jason said as he channelled power into the Earth-Suturing tree.

It travelled through that single tree to all the Earth-Suturing Trees in contact with that tree and that effect was replicated through all the Earth-Suturing Trees in Gaeia.

“Gargolem isn’t the only one that can amplify his power through the use of relay points” Jason said and in that instant, the roots dug deeper and captured Gargolem.

Using all his strength, Jason dragged Gargolem to the surface where the Masters were waiting.

“We’ve been expecting you” they said with smiles as Gargolem, a humongous golem lay exposed on the ground before them.


“Yes, you did calculate our current strength, the first mistake you made since we, especially the students are still growing, you also considered that we’d cool down the climate, calculated that we’d charge in to stop you leaving Josec virtually alone to defend the city however…you failed to consider just how far the roots of Earth-Suturing Seeds dig and how wide they spread. I suppose there is now no way for you to drag out this battle and attempt to exhaust us” Master Fencer said with a smile.

The Masters armed themselves.


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